Proper Environment for Dedicated Server Rack Leverages Successful Web Hosting

server racksServer racks are basically metal enclosures, which are built to store, organise, manage and maintain the network infrastructure, computers, servers and mesh of wires for a commercial organisation. They help in arranging the equipments in clutter free manner and enable the entire system to run in a smoother and faster pace. A web hosting service is an internet based service that allows individuals and organisations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Companies for web hosting service provide space on servers, generally on lease basis and also provide internet connectivity, typically in a data centre. For this purpose, they require a number of dedicated server racks, where the servers of different organisations can be housed and maintained safely. Web hosting companies need to set up standard lines in order to establish proper environment for the server racks, so that they can function well.

Workstation infrastructure:

The companies these days have realised the necessity for proper storage and maintenance of their data. Servers and other hardware equipments are inevitable parts of IT department of any organisation. Some companies have their dedicated server rooms or data centre, while some others prefer to store their data with the help of third party vendors. Whatever method of data storage is adopted by the companies, appropriate server racks are the basic prerequisites for each of them. So the companies have started to set up standard guidelines to initiate proper workstation infrastructure. Different essential components of data centre are server racks, server cabinets, wall mount cabinets, rack frames, shelves and desktop or tabletop portable enclosures. These can be either ready made or customised to fulfill specific requirements. Most of the server racks today are designed to provide extra space for optimum cable management and technical support. Following are some guidelines to establish cooperative environment for proper maintenance of dedicated server racks:

Selecting the right server rack from wide range of option:

Dedicated server racks are available in different forms and sizes in order to serve versatile purposes for small or large size companies. Frames of the racks generally come in easy-to-assemble manner with posts and rails for non-uniform units. A wide range of standard ready-made server racks are also available in the market, from which the customers can select according to their requirements. Most of the large size companies prefer to have custom-made server racks that are built for specific functionalities. It is also possible to have special finish for the racks that complements the decor of rest of the office.

Reducing sound and heat:

With the advent of modern technology, soundproof cabinets are available to reduce the noise to the maximum level of 98%. These servers can be easily placed within the office, without the necessity of having a separate room or closet to house them. Since the servers emit a huge amount of heat, modern server racks come with fans and cooling systems to reduce the heat. The contemporary models of fans and cooling systems generate less noise, which is ideal for the maintaining quieter environment.

Consolidating servers for space efficiency:

Dedicated server racks can suitably consolidate the servers for maximum space efficiency. Multiple racks can accommodate hundreds of servers, which otherwise would have occupied a huge space. Server racks can create a rapid interface for networking and uplinks. It is also possible to integrate the bandwidth allocation and traffic in privately dedicated server racks for consolidating the space of each server to a larger combined space.

Achieving optimum scalability:

Highly scalable and expandable storage units are available these days for SATA RAID storage, which allows better integration into any of the existing IT infrastructure. This is advantageous in terms of easy access  and enhanced reliability. Some other companies offer FIBRE RAID storage system, which contains redundant hot-swappable equipments for enhanced manageability and reliability to achieve optimum performance.

A dedicated web server is responsible for web hosting, which is maintained by the hosting companies. The other important features of web hosting management are power management, back up systems and adequate security. All of these functionalities can be achieved through proper organisation of the servers in server racks and maintaining favourable environment. The site owners have the authority to control software-related issues. Dedicated web hosting can be performed with Windows, Linux or Mac servers. The response time for dedicated server is much less compared to the shared servers. Dedicated hosting provides the facility of greater storage capacity with more freedom for software installation and hardware configuration. This results in enhanced reliability of the websites with the chance of upgrading hard drives and increasing bandwidths. For the purpose of hardware device upgradation, customised server racks are suitable for dedicated web hosting.

Author Bio: Tom Clark is the system admin of a renowned IT company of UK for last five years. Stella is a specialist in web hosting service. She uses customised server racks and maintains proper environment in server room.