How to Impress Your Kids with Your New Car

Your children are the world’s most challenging critics. They can sum up a person with a simple, gentle glance. If you want to impress them, you know you gotta play “it” cool. Whatever “it” means. Except there’s one problem. You may have gotten a little over zealous when playing “it” cool, so you bought a

Getting your first car

Most first cars are given to us, often handed down from mom or dad, grandparents or a distant uncle. The aesthetic does not matter as much, as they serve the purpose of getting us where we need to go when we’re young, and represent a badge of freedom. There will come a time when either

New Tech in Car Mats

There are so many amazing new technological innovations and top items for a car available nowadays, should you really care about innovative technology in car mats? Mercedes now has a technology that literally senses when a driver falls asleep, could updated floor mats be as impressive? You know, those things at the bottom of your