How to make your blog rank well

Blogging is a great way to add traffic to your site, get more customers and develop brand awareness. Unless your blogs rank well in Google search, you are not going to make progress as expected. Therefore, understanding SEO is one of the main points to making your website stand out among competitors. In order to

How to Impress Your Kids with Your New Car

Your children are the world’s most challenging critics. They can sum up a person with a simple, gentle glance. If you want to impress them, you know you gotta play “it” cool. Whatever “it” means. Except there’s one problem. You may have gotten a little over zealous when playing “it” cool, so you bought a

Getting your first car

Most first cars are given to us, often handed down from mom or dad, grandparents or a distant uncle. The aesthetic does not matter as much, as they serve the purpose of getting us where we need to go when we’re young, and represent a badge of freedom. There will come a time when either