The Government versus Social Unrest Using Social Media

Remember just two summers ago? For the first time in a long time, we saw riots in London, which, while they were contained and did not lead to very much damage, still gave the Coalition government quite a scare. They realised that this new form of communication, especially popular among today’s youth, can be quite effective, in terms of organising rallies and protests. Sure enough, two days later, David Cameron appeared before the House of Commons, promising to try to figure out some way to block some of the public’s access to many of the most popular social media sites. The implications of such thinking are in many ways extremely dangerous to a free and democratic society.




The Lessons from the Arab Spring


Perhaps the most striking example of the modern power of social media to affect political change came a few years ago, when what is known as the Arab Spring swung into full view of the entire world. Regimes in Egypt and Libya were toppled, ending years of what many considered to be a harsh and authoritative rule by those in power. It was largely conducted by the youth in those countries, which had the knowledge and facility to use various social media platforms to communicate on-the-fly, organise themselves so as to conduct mass demonstrations and even warn of any impending danger. This is not a discussion as to whether totalitarian governments should be overthrown, but rather the fact that modern social media provides those sufficiently motivated with the tools to attempt it, if not achieve it.


What Can the Government Do?


If in fact the government here became desperate enough to try to stop violence, they would have very few options that are actionable. There is also the very fine line that distinguishes the citizen’s ability to convene, with the intention of peaceful protest, versus out and out violence, which would include looting, robbery and other acts that most citizens would agree are unacceptable.


The first choice for the government is to ask social media sites to shut down the accounts of certain individuals who are using their platforms to incite violence. While this would be a fairly complex task, it would also be relatively pointless. All the suspect would have to do is create a new account, using a slightly different name and they would be up and running again. The second option for the government would be to blacklist certain websites, a practice that is common in China and in some instances also in Australia. The problem here is that some of the more popular social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter are often used, not only by regular citizens, but also by potential criminals. Blacklisting these entire websites would create an enormous backlash of protest. The third and least likely option would be to cut off Internet access to certain regions of the country if there was a fear that protests were being organised. Again, depriving an entire region of Internet access, just to keep a few individuals from using it, would prove to be highly unpopular.


Leveraging the Power of Social Media Websites


Naturally, social media websites can be used for good and that is the case most times. Many companies are finding that techniques such as Facebook Marketing can be highly effective to reach their core audience consumers, as well as attract new ones. It is however, almost an art, best left in the hands of experts who can execute a successful strategy.




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Top reasons you should use web design templates for your online business website

 The web based businesses are growing day by day and the most significant benefit of it is its reliability and its benefits to the website owner. But, it would not be perfect until you do this professionally. The business website needs to be developed professionally so that you can get best results from it. Look of the website is what matters the most so template is the primary thing that you would need to improve according to the genre and needs of your website. The web design templates could be best choice for online business websites because this will help you to make your website a unique one and you would not need to do many efforts for it.


  • Either you will do a long search to find a new website template but still it is not sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for but if you will get your template designed with the web designer then you can get every thing that you need in it. You can make a temple according to your wish and it would be completely perfect for your online website.


  • Research for a perfect template can take too much time without a surety of perfect or even similar result but the web design template will save your time and you would be able to get your perfect template according to the genre, requirements and structure of the website.


  • Website templates is necessary for a perfect website because they are well coded with perfection so that you can get better responses of visitors and search engine will also prefer your website when it would be professionally completed.


  • The search engine optimization is really very effective technique that works for the website rankings but surprisingly, you will never find good results if your website template is not perfectly developed and if there are any errors and coding fractions in it then it is likely to be neglected by the search engines. A complete website template design with professionalism is important so that it can help to optimize the website and the search engine optimization will work even better with this.



  • Templates offer high level customizations only when you get it developed professionally. So if you want some changes in future in your website template then the modification would be really very simple and quick process. You can make changes with the help of web template designer.


  • Numerous websites are being operated by the Content Management System websites. These kind of script based website already contain so many templates which would be really very exciting and might be perfect for your online business but if you want to give your website a unique identity then you would need to get your perfect website’s template developed by a developer.



  • According to the recent studies and researches, it has been proved that most of the websites which are not perfect with their web design does not get quick response in anything. They do not get satisfactory response in search engine optimization, impression and even online marketing does not effect soon on templates which are designed unprofessionally. While in the other hand a professionally developed template based websites get more positive responses of their services such as search engine optimization and online marketing.


Author bio: Angel Curz is a professional web designer who love designing and coding. He is also well known for building great ecommerce and web store sites for his clients. He believes in delivering high quality work to his clients which makes him build better credibility in his career.


From Modest To Hottest: 5 Hot Places to Buy A New Home

Are you looking to buy a new home? This is a major decision that requires careful planning and research. There are many things that you need to consider, such as your budget, mortgage fees, location, neighborhood, and housing costs. The market is recovering from the recession, with consistent increases in prices. Take advantage of the booming economy and invest in luxury real estate.

Here are top five best places to buy a new home:

Columbia, South CarolinaSelf-Renovation, Five Unexpected Paths to Changing Your Lifestyle

With more than 129,272 residents, Columbia is the largest city in the State of South Carolina. This college and military town provides excellent job opportunities. The city is famous for its rivers and lakes, featuring a warm weather and beautiful sights. It is home to several theaters, shopping malls, and art galleries. Columbia boasts recreational facilities for sports enthusiasts, including tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, horseshoe pits, and golf courses.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is the third largest municipality in the country. With over 1,214,839 inhabitants, it ranks as the best place to live in Canada. The city is often referred to as “The Heart of the New West.” It boasts a competitive tax structure and has no provincial sales tax. Here you can easily find a job in the finance, transportation, technology, or manufacturing industries. Calgary features approximately 500 parks, hiking and biking trails, golf courses, schools, universities, and entertainment spots. It also has the highest percentage of homeownership in Canada.

Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee is one of the best places to buy a new home or apartment. The city has 59,682 residents, featuring amazing parks and sports facilities. Described as Orlando’s friendly next-door neighbor, this small town has something for everyone. Here you will find some great schools, museums and galleries, baseball events, soccer clubs, outdoor water parks, and tourist resorts. The top employers in the city include Walmart, The Walt Disney Company, and Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn. With approximately 113,000 inhabitants, it’s an influential hub for the local art community and hipster culture. The city is home to lively events, world-class restaurants, concerts, bowling clubs, baseball fields and basketball courts, universities, and free outdoor movies in the summer. Financial experts claim that housing prices in this area could increase by up to 40 percent in the next two years.

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Described as one of Manhattan’s most fashionable neighborhoods, the Lower East Side offers hundreds of shops, bars, restaurants, and recreational activities. This area is very popular among young people. It boasts many historic synagogues, private parks, and contemporary art galleries. The Lower East Side is home to numerous schools and companies looking to hire skilled employees.

Preparing Your Child for His First Trip to the Dentist

headache_physiotherapyThere is an unfortunate stereotype that visiting the dentist is frightening for children. While some children are shy about new experiences, the first trip to the dentist can be fun and rewarding.

Even more importantly, that visit can set the stage for healthy habits for the rest of his life. Good hygiene habits can keep him from cavities and gum disease later on.

Children can visit the dentist as soon as their first teeth arrive. This may be a good idea if you suspect any problems. However, most children can wait until they are two or three years old when they are able to be part of the process.

Before the Visit

Establishing a routine of dental hygiene before visiting the dentist is crucial. Your child will be much more likely to allow the dentist to clean his teeth if he is used to your brushing and flossing his teeth at home. Make this a fun experience instead of one he dreads.

The next step is to acquaint your child with the dentist before he actually has to go for his own visit. Take him along when you go and introduce him to the staff. Your dentist should be willing to take a few moments to talk with your child, give him a “ride” in the chair or “count” his teeth. These things will help your child to be familiar and comfortable with the dentist and his office when he returns.

During the Visit
When your child arrives at the dentist, be excited about his visit. Talk positively about your own experiences with the dentist. Make him feel as if going to the dentist is something a “big kid” does.

Avoid any unnecessary and invasive procedures which may frighten your child or cause him to have an unfavorable opinion. In general, x-rays should be reserved for a later visit as they can be uncomfortable for a child’s sensitive mouth.

After the Visit

When the dentist gives your child his own toothbrush and toothpaste, make your child feel special to have his own hygiene tools. Encourage him to use them whenever you use yours to continue healthy habits. Continue being positive about his experience. He will easily pick up on your attitude.

If you follow these tips, there is no need for your child to feel frightened at his first dental visit. He will be well on his way to a lifetime of oral health.

How to use thank you cards to generate customer sales

Customers are like good friends; they want to be told and shown that they are appreciated. An effective way for you to let your customers know that you appreciate them is to start and enroll them, particularly long time customers, in loyalty plans. For example, you could use a sales tracking program to record when customers buy certain products from you.


You could also track the number and price of the products. After customers buy a certain amount of products or services from your business, you could mail them a gift certificate or you could subscribe them to a newsletter that goes out to customers who qualify to receive steep discount coupons.


However, nothing may compare to a simple and sincere “thank you”. Choose this approach and you could hire workers to call customers on their birthdays to say “Happy Birthday” and to thank them for supporting your company. Sending customers Postable thank you cards is another strategy that is working for business leaders.


Postable thank you cards are digital communications that are pre-designed to be sent during holidays, special occasions or days that are made special due to a deal closing, sale, etc. Designed with different artwork, the cards work well for a variety of occasions. The range of artwork makes the cards appealing to people from diverse backgrounds.


In addition to the actual design of the Postable thank you cards, focus on the message that you include inside the card. For example, if you’re thanking a customer for buying 10 or more holiday gifts from your company, wording you put inside the card could read:  “Thank you for shopping with us.  We know you have a wide range of shopping options. We appreciate your business. We appreciation you, and wanted to let you know. Happy Holidays!”


It’s these types of actions that turn one-time customers into repeat customers. That alone can not only increase your sales, it can also save you money. Hub Spot reports that, “It costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one — and on average those current customers of yours spend 67% more than a new one.”


To increase the value of Postable thank you cards you send your customers, consider sending discount codes and coupons with the cards. Make sure the discounts and coupons are for products or services customers value. To do this, you’ve got to take the time to get to know your customers. As Hub Spot shares, “Really understanding your customer means understanding their values and sense of worth. And depending on your industry, your customers may find more value in non-monetary or discounted rewards.” Furthermore, “Every company can offer promotional coupons and discount codes, but businesses that can provide value to the customer in ways other than dollars and cents have an opportunity to really connect with their audience.”


If sending thank you cards sound like too small a step, think again. Sincere demonstrations of appreciation that are kept simple can have a huge impact, especially if you keep in touch with customers and prospects throughout the year. When working with companies that design than you cards, save yourself time by having the cards handwritten using an automated program. Also, consider working with companies that stamp and mail the cards for you.


Steps To Download FlvTo Converter

 Flvto converter is a very easy, fast and free way for downloading and converting your favorite videos on YouTube to any format. It allows you to download multiple videos at one time, keeping the quality of all the videos intact and also gives stellar bonuses. Its layout is great and it provided very quick downloads. There is no media player built-in your Flvto YouTube downloader you will require the media player for previewing the videos. Videos look amazing which are downloaded using this program.


Features of Flvto converter

It can grab videos from sites like Vimeo. You can download videos using this Flvto downloader and converter by pasting the URL from any site you like. Videos can be downloaded in most popular formats like FLV, MP4 and MOV. You can also listen to only audio of song in WMA or MP3 files. Even if in the settings you choose option of HD quality video, the process of downloading and converting is done quickly. At one time, you can download 8 videos maximum and also you can know which video is which easily through gorgeous layout of this program.


What advantages do you get with this convertor?


  • The look and working of this converter and downloader is better as compared to any other converter in market. Using this downloader only, you can watch videos offline.
  • The quality of video remains intact so that you can enjoy video and audio files fully. It provides easy-to-use converter from Youtube to mp3 and you can enjoy your liked music without any delays and problems that arise due to online conversion.
  • Conversion to MP3 is 3 times faster because of special technology used in Flvto converter. Conversion of videos is done without any loss of quality.
  • Its interface is very easy to use. It can add music to iTunes by only one click.
  • In some new versions, audio players are built in and you can hear results immediately.

Download videos with ease

Flvto converter is a window application enabling you for downloading and converting videos of YouTube with very less constraints.

You have to follow below steps to download flvto converter

  • Simply download the software of Flvto converter and install it in windows.
  • Search the song you like to hear.
  • Then click the share button that is below the video.
  • As you click the share button, the address of you tube is highlighted and then you have to copy that address.
  • Next you have to open Flvto converter that is installed.
  • You have to paste the copied link of you tube into the space seen by you on this. It will ask you then if you like the downloaded video to convert to MP3 format. You have to click it and press button named as enter.
  • Then a note will be downloaded by converter and you click the button download, then one more note will be displayed asking you to run the file or save it. You click on save button.
  • Then video gets saved to default location in your computer.

Surprise the Family For The Holidays: 5 Ways To Change Your Life

headache_physiotherapyAddiction is a disease that affects not only yourself but your family as well. No matter what type of addiction you have, recovery changes your life as well as the lives of your family members. This Holiday season, surprise your family and begin building a new life free of addiction.


Come to Terms With Your Addiction

The first step in beating any addiction is coming to terms with it. Admit to yourself that you have a problem. Admitting the problem to your loved ones is also important. The Holiday season is a good time to do this because it is likely that your family will be gathered in one place.


Ask For Help

Beating an addiction is no easy task, and doing so on your own makes it even more difficult. When you are surrounded by your family and loved ones, it is a great time to ask for help. Though it is never easy to let someone know you need their help to make it through a hard time, there is no shame in doing so, and most of the people who care about you will be more than happy to lend a hand.


Be Accountable

Agree to make yourself accountable for your actions by promising to let your family know how you are doing. It is difficult to admit setbacks, but knowing that you have to do so will help keep you on track. It also lets your family know you are committed to getting better.


Change Your Habits

Beating an addiction is a lifestyle change that requires changing your habits. Some of those changes may be easier if your family makes changes as well. If you are trying to beat alcoholism, for example, request that alcohol not be served during Christmas Eve dinner. It may be an inconvenience, but your family will be happy to see that you are taking steps to avoid temptation.


Accept Responsibility

As an addict, it is easy to blame others for your problems. When you admit your problems to your family, avoid playing the blame game. Accept responsibility for your actions, and let them know that, with your help, you are going to get better.


Whether you plan on beating your addiction yourself or checking into one of the many addiction treatment centers around the country, doing so creates positive changes in both you and your family’s lives. This Holiday season, give your family the surprise of a new you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

5 Awesome Facebook Marketing Campaigns that You Can Use for Your Own Business

IT_support_londonLearning what works and what doesn’t work on Facebook is often a game of chance. There are plenty of different companies that have used Facebook, only to find that it comes back to hurt them in the end. Social media sites are wonderful tools that can quickly spread your business’ message and products, but these same sites can also quickly spread even the smallest of errors or problems, quickly destroying your reputation. You never know if your campaign will succeed until you see how customers react. Luckily, you can learn from the companies that have succeeded in the past. Here is a quick look at 5 awesome facebook marketing campaigns that you might be able to take apply to your own Facebook efforts.


Grey Poupon

Once known for its commercials, which featured an elegant Rolls Royce and a butler, Grey Popoun decided not to change its image when it launched its own Facebook campaign. Instead of encouraging people to like its page, the company let customers join an exclusive club. Only after looking at a user’s page did the company decide if the person could join. While this is definitely not an effective strategy for most businesses, it is important to make a cohesive image for your company, carrying over that image onto your Facebook page and the way that you interact with your customers.


Parking Wars

In the hopes of bring attention to its new show Parking Wars, A&E hired a company to create a new game based around that show. Players can give out tickets, keep track of their friends and other players, and win points for doing the same thing that people did on the show. Making a simple Facebook game can actually be relatively inexpensive, and it is a form of fun marketing that is also permanent, making it quite the worthwhile investment.



When Kohl’s launched its own Facebook page, it decided to make that page more interactive. The store promised to give away millions of dollars to deserving schools, and it picked those schools by votes submitted by users. The program helped raise awareness and keep the store on the minds of shoppers. The key to this strategy is to give your customers the things that you want if they interact with your Facebook page. For example, you can offer a discount on certain products that people can vote for, or possibly consider hosting a charity event of your own.



Pepsi constantly loses out on the soda race to Coca-Cola, but the company hoped to change things with a series of interactive vending machines. These machines let users connect with Facebook, log into their accounts, and like the Pepsi page. Once the machine registered that like, it gave the user a free can of soda. While can’t put you in touch with interactive vending machines, it can introduce you to some fun ways to market your business on Facebook. Consider using a professional company to come up with some fun and interactive ideas for your Facebook page.



Best known for rugged and durable vehicles, Ford saw its sales decrease in recent years as shoppers looked for smaller cars with better gas mileage. Prior to releasing the new Explorer model, the company launched a Facebook page. Users could log in, learn more about the car, and see the first images of the Explorer before it landed in dealerships. You might want to do the same thing for your business and turn your Facebook area into an announcement page for new products, giving your Facebook followers the chance to get the first look at what you will be offering in the future.


These companies succeeded with a series of interactive ads that forced customers to get involved. From creating soda machines that worked with Facebook to making a page more discerning, these companies saw sales skyrocket after using the social networking site in new ways.

The Truly Annoying Trends of Online Gamers

The online gaming community is awash with enthusiasts who devote their spare time and finances to the most recent games and consoles. It is more than just a hobby for some; it is a passion and something, which dominates their lives. For these guys, luck and fortune is irrelevant. Gaming is all about determination and dedication and nothing, not even work or a social life, will stand in their way of being the best possible gamer.


As the gaming world continues to grow, there are some rather annoying trends and habits developing that cause a great deal of bad feeling amongst the community. Basically, people take their gaming abilities and passion way too far and leave others feeling slightly irate at the way they behave and operate.


So what is it that some gamers do to leave others foaming at the mouth?


Online gaming encourages people from across the globe to play against one another. But the very fact strangers are in direct competition can get too much for some and they respond to the pressure by hurling abuse at the people they are playing against. They can afford to be big and brave, and use profanities as they scream down their headsets at you without fear of repercussion. It is even worse when you find out that the foul-mouthed player is an eight-year-old…


When you are playing a game, there is nothing more satisfying than working through the levels yourself and identifying the hidden hints, tips and tricks. So when some blabbermouth decides to spill the plot lines and the cheats, you end up feeling rather disgruntled and game play starts to lose purpose.


As with almost all areas of life, you will get those who think they are big shots and will join together to form a ‘clan’. This is a gaming expression meaning they will simply gang up against the players they think aren’t as good as they are. It is an online version of playground bullying and it hampers the entertainment value of the game.


Bad losers are a huge annoyance. It does happen, people won’t take kindly to loosing at all, but when they are so vocal about it you are left wondering whether you should scale back and not beat them in the future. Surely this defeats the point of playing a COMPETITIVE game?


At the same time, someone who gloats A LOT when they win is just as irritating. We get it you won this time but it doesn’t mean you have to take out an online advert in celebration. Instead, just be gracious or everyone will make it a personal mission to beat you every time you play.


The one that frustrates me, more than anything, is a male player automatically thinking women are bad players just because they are female. There is nothing to say that men are better and in fact there are a number of call of duty tutorials on the web that are given by women!


Someone that sets out to intentionally ruin another person’s game is basically unreasonable. Game play involves an element of teamwork, which seems to go out of the window for those who are clearly holding a grudge.


And finally, someone who finds every excuse under the sun for why they are no good, either by blaming a lack of practise, an off day or the fact their console is on the blink, should just admit it is because they are rubbish. No one will mind.


These trends are well recognised in the gaming community but rather than getting better, they are in fact getting worse. Don’t be the type of gamer who fulfils any of the above, just be a decent player and have fun… that is the point, right?


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Reasons to Use an Online Catalog Software to Create Your Digital Brochure

Ceros online catalog software is a marvelous and poignant resource for creating amazing rich media catalogs and brochures that are engaging, interactive and innovative. These digital brochures and catalogs have a wider reach, generate more revenue for your business and spreads more awareness about your brand. Here are some reasons to get on board with a resource like Ceros online catalog software.

  1. 1.      Your reach is wider and circulation is massive

With Ceros online catalog software you reach a wider, more targeted audience, as compared to a physical brochure or catalog. You can cater to your reader’s mobile reading preference by syndicating the content in your catalog to Android devices, iPhone, iPad, eReaders, and tablets and viewing brand experiences the way you intended them to be. These digital catalogs are a great way to allow your content to be shared social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs. When you create a digital property with Ceros online catalog software, you will be putting your content where your customers are most present.

  1. 2.      It takes user experience to the next level

Digital catalogs and brochures offer interactive features such as video, audio, animation and slideshows to keep your readers’ entertained and engaged for longer. You can really make your content come alive in this interactive format. These new-media properties take user engagement and experience to the next level through a variety of tools. Powerful layering, cutting-edge typography, collaborative designs, and rich, original content all await you with the Ceros online catalog software.

  1. 3.      You can even track behavior and measure engagement

Ceros online catalog software creates digital catalogues that can be tracked and measured to gauge user behavior, level of engagement and several other factors. You can get real-time data on the performance of your catalog. Your results will be displayed in an interactive, visual manner through graphs and charts. Ceros online catalog software has powerful analysis tools that offer meaningful data insights.

  1. 4.      Advertisers can enjoy many great benefits

Digital catalogs and brochures have tons of sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Due to the fact that these rich media properties have tons of potential in terms of social media sharing, reader engagement, and detailed data tracking, it makes it a viable option for advertisers everywhere.

There are efficient metrics in place for advertisers to gauge exactly which ad their readers are viewing, clicking on and which pages interest them the most. Through external links, buttons and hotlinks in sponsorship locations, you can direct your readers to whichever landing pages you see fit. You can connect advertisers with potential leads through animated lead forms that are placed directly on the ad.

So come power your business with the Ceros online catalog software today!