18 SEO Techniques that Work – An Expert’s Insight

If you want your website to be found on the internet, you have to engage in search engine optimization (SEO), which essentially means you have all the things Google (and the other search engines) like on your website. However, Google continuously changes the goal post, and their algorithms are highly complex. One of the key changes is that local SEO is now more important than ever. Because of the amount of work involved in getting it right, it is recommended that you work with a professional local SEO agency, who can do the work for you, such as Local SEO. To help you out a little, however, they have come up with 18 key SEO techniques that should always be implemented.

Main SEO Techniques According to the Experts

  1. Start by designing a website with SEO in mind. Hence, focus on text rather than layout or flashy graphics first.
  2. Get the title tag of each page on your website right, adding keywords that are relevant to you.
  3. Think about canonicalization. Whether you add the www. prefix to your URL or not, you have to make sure both options direct to the same place.
  4. Don’t have lots of images, confusing maps, or drop-down menus. It has to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate instead.
  5. Your web extension (.php, .asp, .htm, etc) does not have an impact on SEO.
  6. Link back to your home page on every page of your site, and use the same link each time.
  7. If you share a server, make sure that you’re not accidentally proxy servicing with a blacklisted individual.
  8. Content is kind! Focus on writing engaging texts that benefit your customer.
  9. Remember to add your location to your keyword, often in a grammatically inappropriate way. A plumber in New York, for instance, should have “plumber New York” in that manner as part of their keywords.
  10. Blog regularly so that your website does not become static. Blogs are great tools for regular updates and to attract more customers as well.
  11. Make sure that you write naturally and that you don’t stuff your content with keywords.
  12. Link building is hugely important. However, quality is more important than quantity in the eyes of Google.
  13. Use internal links with keyword phrases. Do not use generic texts like “click here” anymore.
  14. Do not list the links on your website. Rather, have them in a few lines of content that relates to the link, using it as a description.
  15. Keywords should be in your text, in your links, and in your title, but also in your images and any other descriptions.
  16. Do not use Flash, Ajax, or frames as they are not search engine friendly.
  17. Make sure your site is indexed through local directories and Google My Business in particular.
  18. Focus not on your page rank, but rather on your customer. They are the most important thing at the end of the day.


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