3 Ways Classic Psychology Can Help You Better Understand Your Customer

Psych headClients are a vital part of any business. Popular small business sites like Entrepreneur.com have entire categories dedicated to finding, nurturing, and keeping them.

But the psychology of business has been around for a long time. Here are three classic concepts that can help any business.

Learned Helplessness

Imagine someone who wants to get a jar from a high shelf, but it’s just out of their reach. Eventually, they come to accept that the jar is beyond them, to the point that even if they have a ladder, they won’t even try to reach it.

That’s learned helplessness in a nutshell, and it’s extremely common. Most clients have given up looking for solutions to all their problems. It’s up to the business to convince them that the solution is there.


A basic concept in psychology, conditioning is the art of associating a stimulus with a response. It’s easy to find in the world.

A dog waiting for dinner, a person’s mouthwatering at the smell of food, both are down to conditioning. We come to associate our past experiences with certain stimuli, be they sights or smells, and clients are no different. Be sure to keep your logos and symbols associated with a positive experience, and clients will always be happy to see you.

Object Permanence

Ever hear the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? In psychology it’s known as Object Permanence, and it’s mostly thought of in childhood development, with young infants slowly learning that mommy and daddy aren’t gone forever. It’s a lesson people learn in the crib, but too often forget when trying to retain clients. You may have an impressive mailing campaign one day, but unless you remind people you exist, in a short time the benefits will fade. DentalMarketing.net by 123Postcards shows us how to avert this. Few people think of the dentist on a regular basis, but a postcard now and then keeps the name fresh in a client’s mind when the time comes for a visit.

Any good businessman knows they have to understand the tools of their trade to be successful, but understanding clients can be a daunting task. A human being is far more complex than a tool, after all, yet knowing how to find, impress and retain clients are skills any businessman needs. A little knowledge can go a long way, and these 3 things can help form a better understanding of how to succeed in any business.

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