4 Ways to Create Images that Grab Attention

Odds are you’d love for your images to be able to grab attention more effectively – but how do you ensure that they do? It may not seem easy at first, but the truth is there are several ways that you can create images that get people to sit up and take notice.


If you want to give it a try, there are a few easy ways that you can start with:


  • Use the rule of thirds to improve the composition

The rule of thirds is a simple composition rule that requires you position the subject and other elements using a 3×3 grid as a guide. If you use it your images will look more visually interesting and the elements will be spaced out in a manner that is more balanced.


In short it will be better-equipped to attract attention.


  • Create a strong focal point using contrast

If you want your image to get people’s attention, it needs to have a strong focal point. That focal point will be what people first see when they look at your image, and the stronger it is the more capable it will be at drawing their gaze.


The best way to create a strong focal point is by using different types of contrast. That will make it stand out enough that it can attract attention to itself.


  • Give minimalism a try

Have you ever observed how minimalist images with few elements in them are able to get viewers to immediately focus on the subject? That is something you can use to your advantage, and by creating images with fewer elements you will find it easier to turn your subject into a strong focal point.


To come up with interesting minimalist images you need to pay close attention to the negative space between elements and use it to your advantage.


  • Make the colors bright and vivid

People are automatically drawn to bright and vivid colors, and you can use that to attract more attention to your images. By making the subject (i.e. focal point) vividly-colored, people are more likely to notice it immediately.


That being said you should be careful of relying too much on this option. While it is effective the attention that vivid colors attract is often fleeting. In other words if the rest of your image isn’t visually interesting enough, people will quickly get distracted.


It should be easy enough to use the methods described if you have a photo editor on hand. If you don’t you can try Movavi Photo Editor (https://www.movavi.com/photo-editor/index.html) for example, seeing as it is user-friendly and will let you make the alterations that you need.


Just remember that there is no one ‘guaranteed’ way to attract attention, and to be honest there are lots of factors at play. Instead your focus should be on creating images that are capable of acquiring attention in different ways as well as interesting enough to keep people focused on it for more than just a few seconds.

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