5 Marketing Strategies that Take Advantage of Your NetSuite ERP

Whether you are still in the Christmas shopping marketing game or you are trying to warm up your post-Christmas, spending-averse audience, remember that smart and informed marketing can make all the difference. When you have a tool like Netsuite, you can really make informed decisions that can accurately put a target on your audiences’ backs, drawing them in and making the sale.

Tracking Inventory – A “Last Call”

Nothing motivates potential customers more than a sale or potential scarcity. Being “out of stock” right before Christmas can through a wrench in your customers’ Christmas shopping lists. By being able to track inventory and know what you are low on, create a “craze” by letting interested customers know (track which customers have visited this product online in the last few months) that they could be one of the lucky few to get their hands on this item which is limited in stock.

“Something in Your Cart” Reminder

Christmas shopping can get overwhelming. Checking prices at different stores and websites, comparing models, and more, can lead to some unfinished business. In this case, use the Netsuite Enterprise Resource Planning system to select the customers that might have something in their shopping cart yet have yet to cross the checkout line. Remind them that there’s something waiting there for them and all they need to do is follow the link you provide to pick up and carry on from where they left off.

Personalized Greetings

Your audience is most likely getting bombarded with marketing emails, social media ads, and even paper flyers, all pushing holiday sales. However, if you really want to make an impression, send your treasured customers personalized Christmas greetings, or, if you have that kind of information, the holiday greeting that fits their religious views. If at the end you want to include a coupon, that’s probably a nice way of “sharing” some savings this time of the year.

Promise “Behind the Scenes Look”

Consumers love transparency. Being able to know the status of their delivery, servicing, or more is very valuable to them, possibly giving you a life-long client rather than a one-time shopper. If you can find a way to share with them the details of their purchase or service, guaranteeing that it will be delivered by a certain time, that’s something they can get behind. You, on the other hand, will just be taking advantage of the netsuite ERP and the data you have stored there to give real time updates on the status of things.

Targeted Sales Emails

Based on the information you have stored in your Netsuite data base, you should be able to create several targeted campaigns based on buying patterns, demographics, location, and more. Make these super relevant to the person who is receiving this email, either inviting them to a special shopping event in their area, telling them that one of their regular products is on sale, or that there’s a new service that you are providing for people like them. These have to be relevant or else they will end up in the trash bin – so present some interesting data to your marketing team and let them run with it.

An ERP is an amazing tool that can let you be very “smart” about your business, also making the most of your marketing dollars. By having a cloud-based system that stores all this information on inventory, materials, customers, and more, you can “get closer” to your full potential as a business. Not just will you avoid hiccups like being out of inventory, you can also store and use intelligence you collect about customers to make a more effective, and more pleasant marketing experience for everyone.


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