Hitting the road with other gutsy pals in your circle will undoubtedly make a fun-filled adventure.  One of such adventures every biker would want to experience in a lifetime. Motorcycle Tours in South Africa could be an amazing experience as I had been there recently.

However, the peak of the fun is when you raise the dust along those rugged South African paths well prepared with the necessary Android apps that could give you a sense of safety.

Successful trips are not just made.  They are pre-planned and well mapped out.  No one wants an adventure that eventually turns a sour experience.  Therefore, planning is as much important as taking the trip itself.

Today, the world thrives on countless technologies that can aid your trip and keep you connected, safe and refreshed all round your journey.

This article gives you insight into amazing android apps that should form an integral part of planning your trip.  It does not matter if the trip is a simple or a gutsy one.  All you need are these apps that add to the fun you will experience along the way.

Part of the great news is that most of these apps do not necessarily need to cost you a fortune.  They are simple downloadable apps that take you minutes to get done at little or no cost.  If it is ever going to hit your pocket, it could just be the token, you pay as perhaps monthly subscription fee when the real fun grips you.

  1. Roadtripper

Some call it riders’ guardian angel.  With this app, you could get all the info you need about all the places and paths you wish to raise some dust along the enchanting paths in South Africa.   It gives you the location of countless exciting places including enthralling inns, enchanting shorelines, and countless other places of attraction.  With this App, you become your own tour guide.  All you need is to ask your friends or google around the interesting places you see, possibly before you hit the road.

  1. Spotify

With this app, your gutsy tour becomes huge fun to relish.  What more can you ask for when you hit the rough and sloppy sides with good music in your ears?  All you need is to choose your playlist among over 30 million songs ‘hosted’ in the Spotify catalog.

  1. Hotel Tonight

The name suggests what to expect.  Because we are humans, there comes a time along the path we feel sleepy.  That moment we need some refreshment and a place to lay our way-torn knackered body.  Hotel Tonight helps you locate the closest spot to lay your head and refresh your guts.

  1. Waze:

Waze keeps you socially active.  It is a social interactive platform that enables everyone in the circle to choose paths to go.  With it, information on crashes, dangers on the path and other vital information such as prices of gas are handy to enable you to make the right choices even as you bike on.

With these apps handy, your tour will become a fun-filled experience indelibly engraved in your memories.  Biking is fun, but planning your tour is life.

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