Where Can You Spend Your Bitcoins ?

There has been a great deal of talk recently about the digital currency which looks set to change the way in which we pay for things. Whilst Bitcoin may not necessarily be new, it is certainly something that is gathering pace and has seen far more people invest in the digital currency that is taking

What to look for in a great CFO

The financials of any corporate concern are of paramount importance, as keeping them healthy is crucial to keep profits increasing and stock prices rising. As a company grows in size, this task shouldn’t fall on the CEO’s shoulders anymore, as the chief executive needs to focus on matters of greater importance, and the increasing complexity

4 ways sports and business are similar

Business can be a tough racket, as there are many competitive people who operate in its industries. As a result, it often gets compared to sports, as these activities also involve losers and winners. As such, it is not surprising businesses attract many former football, baseball, and hockey players. They are aware what is needed

Famous Father and Son Sporting Greats

Throughout the history of sport there have been a number of sons of sports legends who have gone on to emulate the success of their father. Whilst pretty rare, these young men and have decided that they will take what their father has done and go on to match or better their sporting achievements. By

Which Professions Earn The Most Money?

When you ask someone what it is that they are after form their career or what they consider to be a successful career, the answers you receive will no doubt vary a great deal. One thing that will undoubtedly be common between all answers is the desire to make as much money as possible. Money