From Modest To Hottest: 5 Hot Places to Buy A New Home

Are you looking to buy a new home? This is a major decision that requires careful planning and research. There are many things that you need to consider, such as your budget, mortgage fees, location, neighborhood, and housing costs. The market is recovering from the recession, with consistent increases in prices. Take advantage of the booming economy and invest in luxury real estate.

Here are top five best places to buy a new home:

Columbia, South CarolinaSelf-Renovation, Five Unexpected Paths to Changing Your Lifestyle

With more than 129,272 residents, Columbia is the largest city in the State of South Carolina. This college and military town provides excellent job opportunities. The city is famous for its rivers and lakes, featuring a warm weather and beautiful sights. It is home to several theaters, shopping malls, and art galleries. Columbia boasts recreational facilities for sports enthusiasts, including tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, horseshoe pits, and golf courses.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is the third largest municipality in the country. With over 1,214,839 inhabitants, it ranks as the best place to live in Canada. The city is often referred to as “The Heart of the New West.” It boasts a competitive tax structure and has no provincial sales tax. Here you can easily find a job in the finance, transportation, technology, or manufacturing industries. Calgary features approximately 500 parks, hiking and biking trails, golf courses, schools, universities, and entertainment spots. It also has the highest percentage of homeownership in Canada.

Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee is one of the best places to buy a new home or apartment. The city has 59,682 residents, featuring amazing parks and sports facilities. Described as Orlando’s friendly next-door neighbor, this small town has something for everyone. Here you will find some great schools, museums and galleries, baseball events, soccer clubs, outdoor water parks, and tourist resorts. The top employers in the city include Walmart, The Walt Disney Company, and Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn. With approximately 113,000 inhabitants, it’s an influential hub for the local art community and hipster culture. The city is home to lively events, world-class restaurants, concerts, bowling clubs, baseball fields and basketball courts, universities, and free outdoor movies in the summer. Financial experts claim that housing prices in this area could increase by up to 40 percent in the next two years.

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Described as one of Manhattan’s most fashionable neighborhoods, the Lower East Side offers hundreds of shops, bars, restaurants, and recreational activities. This area is very popular among young people. It boasts many historic synagogues, private parks, and contemporary art galleries. The Lower East Side is home to numerous schools and companies looking to hire skilled employees.

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