How to deal with your customers at every step of their experience

The clients are always the key to a business success. If your clients are satisfied, they come back and they encourage potential clients too. A good business owner has to listen to his clients and make sure that his company offers the best services and products adapted to their needs, tastes and desires. This process is called customer relationship management (CRM). There are three parts of the customer experience, before the transaction, while the client purchases and after the sell.

Before the transaction

It’s crucial to make a good first impression to potential customers. The first thing they see or hear about a business will have a big influence on their decision. The company has to appear as professional, talented and adapted to the clients. Sometimes esthetics are really important for the first impression. A great esthetic can draw attention to your company and attract new customers.

During the transaction

If the transaction is made in-store or in an office, it’s important to give the best experience as possible to the client. The professionalism is also primary in this phase because the clients want to feel that you know what you’re doing and that you’ll be able to help them. It also has to be adapted to the client’s situation. He has to feel that you understand his needs and will do everything you can to help him. It’s also during the transaction that you’ll be able to collect the information on your client and create a data base to help you win the loyalty of customers.

After the transaction

This phase is often neglected even if it’s crucial. It includes the interpretation of the data you collected. You’ll have to analyze and find some solutions to adapt your offer to your customers to increase their chances of coming back to your business and use your services again. These days, data gathering is primary and it’s important to find ways to use it well. This phase should also include a direct contact with the client to make sure that he’s satisfied with what he purchased and to try to make things right if he’s not.

Even if it may seem overwhelming to deal with all these steps, it’s necessary to make sure that it’s done right. If you don’t feel like you have the time and the knowledge to do so, you can always hire someone to join your team or look for a CRM consulting service. These specialists will make sure that your clients are satisfied and let your more time to manage everything else. They can be really helpful, economically advantageous and a big factor of success.

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