How To Make Money From Junkyards

A few years ago a friend of mine took me scavenging in a junkyard in what he told me was going to be the best money making venture that I had ever been on. I was dubious to say the least but I had nothing better to do that day and so I went with him to the yard. I saw him that day picking up old appliance, popping open car hoods and finding used lab ovens in amongst the debris and in all honesty I kind of felt sorry for him. That didn’t last long as I later watched him pocket over $300 for what he had just found and he told me it had been a slow day.

I was instantly hooked and I have been scavenging with my friend ever since. We live in a disposable world where people would rather buy new than repair things and as the old saying goes, where there is muck, there is brass. If you want to know how to make money from scavenging, here are some tips.

Get Permission

You can’t just turn up to a junk yard and start digging about, you must get permission and sometimes you will need to pay for a permit to allow you to enter into the junk yard, and take things out. Occasionally you will have to buy what you find as well.

Smell What Sells

Whilst there is a fair bit of randomness when it comes to what you are searching for, after a while you will gain an insight for what kind of stuff sells and then you can centre your search around those kinds of items. I had contact who used old lawnmower engines and converted them, ever since I met him, I always stayed on the lookout for these engines as I knew that I could sell them.

Learn About What Lies Beneath

You have to know what you are looking for in appliances and cars, when it comes to what lies beneath. For example I used to walk past many an old refrigerator and really think nothing of it, that was until I discovered that the pre-1950s style would feature a great deal of copper in it, a metal which was highly priced per kilo, needless to say I didn’t walk past many old fridges again.

Be Likable

Aside from the skill of scavenging, it is important that you are likable and can talk to people if you want to not only gain access to the junk yard to begin with, but also so that you can sell as much as you can. There is a certain stigma attached to scavengers like us but you can soon pierce through this if you have a likable nature and you can converse with different types of people.

The key is to get out and start trying to find pieces of value and try to sell them, sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose but you will be learning all the way.

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