Problem behaviors that can hurt your business and how to fix it

Most employees are wonderful; however, some possess an attitude that can makes them a challenge to manage, and in certain circumstances, they can do some real damage to your company’s good name.

Fortunately, there are ways to rein in and prevent malicious people from wrecking your company. From smothering negativity to learning what is an audit trail is and implementing it, you can prevent badly behaved employees from dragging your company’s reputation through the mud.

In this article, we’ll share strategies you can employ to prevent unruly workers from destroying the business you worked hard to build from the ground up.

1) The revenge seeker who leaks confidential info: track their every move

Some workers just can’t take criticism. Instead of taking suggestions and improving their output, they spend their time trying to get back at you.

While they mainly push back with petty acts of defiance, if a perceived slight damages their ego too much, they may seek ways to hurt the company as a whole.

After being reprimanded severely, they may leak a prototype to a competitor, or surreptitiously e-mail customer records to a hacker on the deep web for profit.

If you seem to have a vengeful person in your employ, install an auditing system to track their movements on the network (and everyone else, as you never now who’s capable of treachery), and then take the first opportunity to remove them from the organization.

2) The average employee who fears high performers: speak with them

Many employees fear being supplanted by an upstart newcomer. As such, they’ll use their seniority to prevent them from performing above their level at work.

If you have talent who complain about being held back by average workers, you need to get it into the latter’s head that your company is a team, and in order to win, everyone needs to work together.

If they continue to stick a monkey wrench in the gears of your ‘A’ performers, get rid of them, as their malignant attitude will hold your organization back.

3) The overly pessimistic: get them to stop conflating realism with negativity

Some workers indulge in pessimism to avoid being brought down by a less than ideal result. While this lifts their spirits when things work out unexpectedly, their dour mood most of the time drags down everyone with whom they come into contact.

They’ll think they are being realistic, but outside the laws of science, the ‘real world’ is entirely a subjective social construct.

The more they infect others with their overly negative views, the less likely you will achieve your goals as a business.

Optimism, while useful in many situations, can also be dangerously misleading. Rather, your employees should embrace pragmatic stoicism.

This means accepting the bad and learning from it, but also realizing that good things can and will happen through intelligent effort.

If the ‘Negative Nancies’ in your office are able to see your point, it will improve the environment in short order. Otherwise, remove them and the same effect will be achieved.

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