Steps To Download FlvTo Converter

 Flvto converter is a very easy, fast and free way for downloading and converting your favorite videos on YouTube to any format. It allows you to download multiple videos at one time, keeping the quality of all the videos intact and also gives stellar bonuses. Its layout is great and it provided very quick downloads. There is no media player built-in your Flvto YouTube downloader you will require the media player for previewing the videos. Videos look amazing which are downloaded using this program.


Features of Flvto converter

It can grab videos from sites like Vimeo. You can download videos using this Flvto downloader and converter by pasting the URL from any site you like. Videos can be downloaded in most popular formats like FLV, MP4 and MOV. You can also listen to only audio of song in WMA or MP3 files. Even if in the settings you choose option of HD quality video, the process of downloading and converting is done quickly. At one time, you can download 8 videos maximum and also you can know which video is which easily through gorgeous layout of this program.


What advantages do you get with this convertor?


  • The look and working of this converter and downloader is better as compared to any other converter in market. Using this downloader only, you can watch videos offline.
  • The quality of video remains intact so that you can enjoy video and audio files fully. It provides easy-to-use converter from Youtube to mp3 and you can enjoy your liked music without any delays and problems that arise due to online conversion.
  • Conversion to MP3 is 3 times faster because of special technology used in Flvto converter. Conversion of videos is done without any loss of quality.
  • Its interface is very easy to use. It can add music to iTunes by only one click.
  • In some new versions, audio players are built in and you can hear results immediately.

Download videos with ease

Flvto converter is a window application enabling you for downloading and converting videos of YouTube with very less constraints.

You have to follow below steps to download flvto converter

  • Simply download the software of Flvto converter and install it in windows.
  • Search the song you like to hear.
  • Then click the share button that is below the video.
  • As you click the share button, the address of you tube is highlighted and then you have to copy that address.
  • Next you have to open Flvto converter that is installed.
  • You have to paste the copied link of you tube into the space seen by you on this. It will ask you then if you like the downloaded video to convert to MP3 format. You have to click it and press button named as enter.
  • Then a note will be downloaded by converter and you click the button download, then one more note will be displayed asking you to run the file or save it. You click on save button.
  • Then video gets saved to default location in your computer.

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