Technological advancement: Curse or Boon?

The world of today is technologically advanced, and at each corner of the streets, gadgets can be found. From mobile phones to wireless computers to mobile television, technology has brought many products on the global market. In the current era and after having tasted the advancements of technology, it would be hard for people to go back in time. However, is technological advancement more of a curse or a boon to mankind?


Positive aspects

Technology has brought facility in the lives of many people. Nowadays, many businesses are making use of video conferencing to make communication easier. They are also providing the luxury to work from home. This acts like a win-win situation for both employers and employees: the employees save time from travelling while the employer saves cost on space and travelling. Technological advancements have also increased productivity as it enables tasks to be completed in less time. Plus, communication via different means like fax and emails makes work easier, and also saves the costs. Companies which are embracing technology are far better competitors in the business world. They can now make use of social media platforms to make their brands popular as a means to reach out to customers.

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Negative aspects

On the other hand, the negative aspects of technology cannot be ignored. Technology has brought virtual friends on social media platforms, but it is also slowly killing real connections and conversations. People might be having thousands of friends online, but they cannot trust someone who’s behind a screen. People are also getting too much into social media platforms which is leading to weak family bonds and isolation. Many youngsters are too busy in their small technological world, instead of connecting to the real one.

When it comes to businesses, the personal touch and face-to-face contact is almost inexistent. This might result in loss of clients as they no longer feel the real contact or personalisation of services. Having more and more machines at the workplace is a curse to mankind, as people are being replaced by these machines, and thus losing their jobs. Plus, technology is never safe and secure as hackers are always on the edge. They are on the move and ready to steal data or corrupt databases, which could harm company’s finances. It is true that thieves do get into shops as well, but online sensitive data being compromised is much riskier.

Thus, technology does have its place in our society as long as it is handled in the right way. The situations and requirements needs to be analysed and the right dose needs to be served. Only this way, technology will help the society, instead of condemning it.

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