As Technologies Change, So Do Our Attitudes

The world has changed dramatically in the past twenty years, especially as increasing numbers of people invest in the numerous different forms of technology designed to make our lives simpler and more exciting. Back then people were lucky if they could afford a desktop computer in their homes, whereas today the desktop is dying in the eyes of many and being replaced by laptops and tablets as we move further into the smartphone era.


Mobile devices in general have become the must-have’s, with new smartphones such as the iPhone being released with amazing new innovations every time there is an update, and users can even get the latest software by downloading content wirelessly from the Internet to their phones as opposed to having to splash out on a new one. Now people want everything to be at their fingertips instantaneously, and our expectations have changed in terms of what we want, and what we need. All mobile devices whether they’re phones made by top global manufacturers or smaller devices like flash drives from USB Makers; are now expected to be cool, innovative and where possible, inexpensive although some people will still splash out hundreds to get their hands on the latest and greatest.


It’s no longer enough for manufacturers to simply make something that does the job. Sure, it may have a specific purpose, such as being a phone underneath all of the desirable functions or a USB drive that can store thousands of documents, but people want them to go above and beyond and offer them something a bit ‘different’ and in line with the modern trends even if they don’t necessarily fit the bill – they just have an insatiable demand for what we can do with technology.


If you’re making a television, for instance, there is no point even trying to release it onto the market to try and sell millions across the globe unless it incorporates one, or both, of HD and 3D. Times have changed so much that our attitude towards what is available is a case of expectation rather than suggestion. Items are left on the shelves, even if they’re less expensive, because they don’t offer what the public wants even if they’re not what they necessarily need.


We also want items to be light and easy to carry around. “Old school” mobile phones are famous for being like bricks in terms of both shape and weight, but today – thanks to the smartphone – we expect them to be lightweight and super slim so they can fit easily into a pocket and easy to use with one hand. Laptops are the same, we want them jam-packed with as much memory and the best processors, but we want them to be so light we barely notice them when carrying them around town on the way to or from work.


There is nothing wrong in demanding the very best from your gadgets, especially with the price that many have to pay to satisfy their demand, but we still need to remember that a lot of technologies are still being developed and remain in their infancy. In time, they will only improve but it will take plenty of trial and error in the meantime.


Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason


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