The Truly Annoying Trends of Online Gamers

The online gaming community is awash with enthusiasts who devote their spare time and finances to the most recent games and consoles. It is more than just a hobby for some; it is a passion and something, which dominates their lives. For these guys, luck and fortune is irrelevant. Gaming is all about determination and dedication and nothing, not even work or a social life, will stand in their way of being the best possible gamer.


As the gaming world continues to grow, there are some rather annoying trends and habits developing that cause a great deal of bad feeling amongst the community. Basically, people take their gaming abilities and passion way too far and leave others feeling slightly irate at the way they behave and operate.


So what is it that some gamers do to leave others foaming at the mouth?


Online gaming encourages people from across the globe to play against one another. But the very fact strangers are in direct competition can get too much for some and they respond to the pressure by hurling abuse at the people they are playing against. They can afford to be big and brave, and use profanities as they scream down their headsets at you without fear of repercussion. It is even worse when you find out that the foul-mouthed player is an eight-year-old…


When you are playing a game, there is nothing more satisfying than working through the levels yourself and identifying the hidden hints, tips and tricks. So when some blabbermouth decides to spill the plot lines and the cheats, you end up feeling rather disgruntled and game play starts to lose purpose.


As with almost all areas of life, you will get those who think they are big shots and will join together to form a ‘clan’. This is a gaming expression meaning they will simply gang up against the players they think aren’t as good as they are. It is an online version of playground bullying and it hampers the entertainment value of the game.


Bad losers are a huge annoyance. It does happen, people won’t take kindly to loosing at all, but when they are so vocal about it you are left wondering whether you should scale back and not beat them in the future. Surely this defeats the point of playing a COMPETITIVE game?


At the same time, someone who gloats A LOT when they win is just as irritating. We get it you won this time but it doesn’t mean you have to take out an online advert in celebration. Instead, just be gracious or everyone will make it a personal mission to beat you every time you play.


The one that frustrates me, more than anything, is a male player automatically thinking women are bad players just because they are female. There is nothing to say that men are better and in fact there are a number of call of duty tutorials on the web that are given by women!


Someone that sets out to intentionally ruin another person’s game is basically unreasonable. Game play involves an element of teamwork, which seems to go out of the window for those who are clearly holding a grudge.


And finally, someone who finds every excuse under the sun for why they are no good, either by blaming a lack of practise, an off day or the fact their console is on the blink, should just admit it is because they are rubbish. No one will mind.


These trends are well recognised in the gaming community but rather than getting better, they are in fact getting worse. Don’t be the type of gamer who fulfils any of the above, just be a decent player and have fun… that is the point, right?


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