What if Your Employer is Tracking Phone Right Now?

You may have heard many stories about bosses monitoring their employees, but you prefer to think that it can’t happen to you. Why are you so confident? You can’t know for sure whether your Internet activity or call logs and SMS are kept in secret from your employer’s eyes. Tracking phone applications are not a novelty now, so many companies use them to avoid any leakage of vital information that may be dangerous in the hands of their competitors. Still, many employees are not willing to accept this privacy breach. Statistics shows that an increasing number of bosses from different companies use any possible variants to avoid their company’s losses or even bankruptcy in a highly competitive market.

How Does the Process of the Tracking Phone Work?

When buying a new cell phone, we don’t even think about its features that may harm us. For example, we have many convenient and effective features and settings in our devices allowing us to optimize the working process and make our everyday lives better. Nevertheless, due to some features like saved codes and passwords, hackers and criminals may use our gadgets against us. For example, one may find out all your passwords by applying some special software. You may get acquainted with one of them at https://www.mspy.com/. Moreover, many spying programs allow getting access to almost every data storage you have, so your private information may be easily stolen and used against you.

Once your employer installed such an application on your corporate phone, he or she can control your activity remotely, read, and listen to your conversations. No matter how far your phone is, it is possible to track your activity in all places where the GPS or Internet connection are available. Thus, due to many satellites, the information sent from your phone (calls, messages, e-mails, etc.) can be easily processed and sent to a phone that tracks you.

Monitoring Apps and Legitimacy

Many people question whether their bosses have rights to monitor their actions or not. In fact, employers are allowed to use tracking applications to control some actions of their employees, but they should do it reasonably. For instance, the following activities may be monitored by a company:

  • Visiting of sites and pages in the Internet. So, if an employee doesn’t perform his/her duties properly and instead watches videos in the Internet, an employer may learn about it by using some special spy app.
  • Phone calls history. The federal law allows employers to listen to their workers’ conversations with clients and other employees. It is usually used for controlling service quality. However, employees should be informed about any such programs.
  • SMS and email messages. Your boss has full rights to read your messages sent from a corporate laptop or phone to investigate some problems or make sure you are loyal to the company. However, all information should be kept in secret even within the company’s walls.

All these activities may be tracked only in case you are in the workplace. Your boss can’t use the information from your personal mobile and definitely has no right to track one that belongs to you. You may be sure that your private information from your personal devices is safe and cannot be used under any circumstances except those determined by law. Companies buy their own devices to have rights to install any spy programs. Besides, every employer should inform workers about the fact that special programs monitor their corporate gadgets. So, if your company wants to track you secretly, it should inform you about any spy programs it uses.


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