Why iOS is Still a Safer Option than Android

The past couple of years haven’t been kind to Apple as its mobile OS saw multiple security breaches. Once considered a safe haven for users, the tech giant’s reputation suffered a lot after the attacks. Even today, hackers are able to sneak in iOS spy tools on iPhones, even non-jailbroken ones, with unprecedented ease to get their hands on personal information of unfortunate victims. This kind of vulnerability just isn’t good from the company’s and market’s point of view. However, despite the disintegration of Apple’s famed walled garden, a large number of iPhone users are deciding to stay loyal to the brand because they realize that even after the security compromise, iOS is still a safer option than Android. They sure are pretty spot-on with their decision.

Android Suffers Regular Security Breaches

When people buy new phones, they expect to do most of their tasks through them. To do that, they need to put in personal information about themselves, including passwords, social security number, account information, etc. The users expect that all the information they put in will stay safe, but that’s not always the case as the malware threat is always looming on the Android OS. Let’s quickly run through a few facts. According to the most recent report, 97% of the malware targets Android based devices, which leaves only 3% for the rest of the brands. After looking at this figure, no one can deny the fact that Apple is a safer bet than Google’s OS.

New Malware Every 4 Seconds

Another alarming fact regarding mobile security is that a new malware is brought to life every 4 seconds. What’s even worse is that 97% of them target Android devices. Stumbling upon these figures would certainly make Android users seriously consider migrating to other brands. Admittedly, people aren’t very careful about their privacy nowadays, but that does not mean that they would want all of their personal information to fall into someone else’s hands. The bottom line is Android is not safe, and if you are amongst the users that crave security and privacy above all else, then switching to iOS is an obvious choice.

Regular Updates for iOS

Most hackers don’t target Apple because there are very few security loopholes to exploit. The tech giant takes its security very seriously, which is precisely why it release new updates for iOS devices on regular basis. These updates are not just for the OS. All apps developers are required to ensure that their apps comply with the standards and protocols of the latest firmware. A little threat that could be present is toned down by quite some margin through these regular patches.

App Store

Apple does a well-thorough research of each and every app before it lets it through to the App Store. This has been one of the biggest reasons for the tech giant’s security, and even to this day, it hasn’t changed its policies regarding the thorough check as it wants its customers to stay safe from all kinds of malware. Android’s Google Play is not a safe haven by any means. There have been multiple incidents in the past where hackers meddled with the permissions a bit to let malware sneak in some of the apps. Even the regular looking apps that worked without a problem contained spyware that allowed hackers to gain every bit of information they wanted from non-suspecting users. This, along with various points mentioned above are the reasons why it’s a safer bet to depend on iOS rather than Android for a secure mobile experience.

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