3 Useful Tips to Create Expert Interview Video Content

Expert interviews can make for great video content, as they will provide viewers with valuable insights into topics that they’re interested in. However creating expert interviews can be tricky, as you’ll need to find a subject to interview, conduct the interview itself, and then create an engaging piece of content out of it.

While that may sound a bit daunting, the good news is that all that you need to come up with engaging expert interview videos is a bit of preparation, and these tips will help with that:

  • Identify a list of potential interview subjects – and contact them all

It is best not to put all your eggs into one basket when contacting potential subjects, which is why identifying as many as possible is always good. Try to find subjects that you feel your audience would be interested in hearing from, and take into account how well-known they are and the size of their following as well.

The email that you send out need not be anything too complicated, and you should just introduce yourself (briefly), and outline the details of the interview you’d like to conduct. If they respond and say they’re interested, you can then send more details.

  • Do your homework and list both questions and talking points

Once you’ve settled on a subject to interview, you should do your homework and research them thoroughly. Try to find out as much as you can about what they’re working on, and look them up on Google, watch past interviews, and so on.

The research you put together will help you to come up with questions for your interview. Always remember that how you ask questions is just as important as what questions you ask.

  • Listen, and think of follow-up questions

One of the most common rookie interviewer mistakes is to constantly interject while the subject is in the middle of a response. Try to avoid doing that, and give them time to fully respond and listen to it – while thinking of follow-up questions that you can ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask the subject to clarify a point or provide a shorter version of an answer if you feel it is too confusing.

Nowadays creating expert interview videos is a lot easier, and you don’t even need to record face-to-face interviews. Instead, you can learn how to record Skype calls and conduct the entire interview via a video call. All you need to pull that off is a screen recorder, for example Movavi Screen Recorder.

All that remains after that is to edit the interview and you should have an excellent piece of video content that you can publish online. Be sure to notify the subject and send a copy to them – as it will help if they promote the interview and let people know about it as well.

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