4 Easy Ways to Improve the Customer Journey on 3dcart

Ask any online retailer what they want more of and the answer will unanimously be one thing: More sales. Certainly, one must preserve their brand and ensure a solid connection with customers. But the primary reason you’re selling online is to make money and support your family and lifestyle.

3dcart’s robust online shopping cart platform helps streamline these efforts for you. The integrated online storefront comes complete with countless theme options, point-of-sale processing, and a fully-featured App Store that lets you add even more functionality in just a few clicks, with plenty of freemium apps to consider along the way.

There’s no question, 3dcart makes it easy for you to sell products online and ship them to customers. But if you overlook the following four elements I’m about to show you, you’re missing out sales and long-term retention.

Make Returns as Easy as Buying

Recent studies have revealed some surprising facts about e-commerce returns and how they can impact a retailer’s bottom line.

  • 33% of all products ordered online are returned.
  • 65% of all returns are the retailer’s fault, not the consumer’s.
  • 80% of consumers want free return shipping and no restocking fees.
  • 50% of customers want an easier way to return products online.
  • 65% of people read your return policy before making a buying decision.

With these statistics in mind, one of the smartest changes that you can make to your 3dcart store to get more sales is by simplifying your return policy and offering truly hassle-free returns. Do this, and you’ll appeal to the majority of consumers, who want to buy online in confidence and not have to worry about sending a product back if it doesn’t work out.

Encourage Newsletter Signups

Newsletters are one of the most tried and true methods of converting existing and new customers. They help your store expand reach and are powerful loyalty and retention builders.

  • Offer a 10% discount on first purchases in exchange for newsletter signups.
  • Use the emails you harvest to send cart abandonment and reminder emails.
  • Remarket to consumers who have signed up for your newsletter to earn new sales.

With services like Constant Contact and MailChimp, sending beautiful newsletters is easy as pie. Using premade templates and integrated analytics, you can track your campaign from start to finish while working to improve results along the way.

Retarget to Shoppers

If you are not yet using retargeting, your missing out on a windfall of prospective sales. Retargeting services like Ad Roll add a smart pixel to your site and track visitors after they leave, serving ads that offer second-chance deals to them on millions of other sites they visit.

The most recent retargeting statistics find that:

  • Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert.
  • Display ads get a click-through rate of 0.07%; retargeted ads get a click-through of 0.7%.
  • Retargeted ads have the potential to increase branded search exposure by more than 1,000%.
  • 46% of online marketers believe that retargeting is grossly underused.
  • 49% of major brands have now set aside specific budgets just for retargeting

So… get with the picture here and start retargeting to get more sales at your 3dcart store.

Tap into the Customer Journey

Knowing what your customers are doing from start to finish will serve accolades in you converting more sales, more often. Since you’re likely selling on multiple sales channels (like Amazon and eBay), a cross-channel 3dcart CRM solution can help you tap into this customer journey like never before.

Learning your customers shopping behavior, shipping preferences and return habits while using robust reporting to compare cross-channel analytics can help you make small but integral changes to your inventory and marketing initiatives. The result will be stronger sales and improved loyalty and long-term retention.



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