4 ways sports and business are similar

Business can be a tough racket, as there are many competitive people who operate in its industries. As a result, it often gets compared to sports, as these activities also involve losers and winners.

As such, it is not surprising businesses attract many former football, baseball, and hockey players. They are aware what is needed to win, which is essential to success in this facet of work.

Haris Ahmed Chicago was an athlete when he was young, and he was able to leverage what he learned to propel himself to the top of the management consulting ladder in the Windy City.

Want to emulate his success? There are many ways team sports and business are similar – learn the lessons contained below, and you will be well on your way to the top of the business sphere of your choosing.

1) Those who persevere end up winning in the end

Those who want to win the cup don’t sulk when they lose a match. They redouble their efforts and come back more intelligently than before, which usually results in a win when they play their next game.

By not giving up when adversity strikes, you’ll grant yourself the best possible chance to finish on top when it is all said and done. Those who stick around reap the rewards – don’t quit.

2) Learn the lessons losing teaches you

Losing is something every team goes through, even during a winning season. Everyone can improve in some area, and it is when we lose that reflecting on our faults is easiest. When we realize what they are and change things around, the team becomes better for our efforts.

In business, sometimes projects will go poorly, especially when you are just starting out. To be clear, business greenhorns aren’t the only professionals who need to up their game, as seasoned veterans often make the mistake of thinking they know it all, making it difficult for them to learn from their miscues.

Don’t lie to yourself. Evaluate regularly what needs to change, and take massive action so your businesses’ fortunes can soar.

3) You are only as strong as your weakest link

A team can only progress if all members are held to an acceptable standard. Coaches work feverishly to prod those whose performance is lagging, as boosting their output can make all the difference to on the field results.

Businesses are the same way: workers who are struggling need to be motivated to do better (or be replaced). This often triggers an effort that makes a huge difference in their output, thereby benefiting the business as a unit.

4) Be willing to take instruction

Early in your business career, you will be lost – this is normal, as your lack of knowledge of the real world will have you scrambling to catch up to more experienced co-workers.

Remember when you began playing sports?  In order to function on the field, you listened to your coach implicitly as they instructed you how to shoot a basket, kick a penalty, or to not be afraid of stopping the puck (hockey goalies are insane).

As you age, though, you might resist this, as it is easy to think you know it all. Athletes who are like this usually don’t make the cut for travel teams, as the caliber of play is much higher than the house leagues they left behind.

If you want your business to make you a millionaire, accepting coaching from others in your industry is essential.

Do this and there’s no telling what heights you’ll reach.

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