5 Awesome Facebook Marketing Campaigns that You Can Use for Your Own Business

IT_support_londonLearning what works and what doesn’t work on Facebook is often a game of chance. There are plenty of different companies that have used Facebook, only to find that it comes back to hurt them in the end. Social media sites are wonderful tools that can quickly spread your business’ message and products, but these same sites can also quickly spread even the smallest of errors or problems, quickly destroying your reputation. You never know if your campaign will succeed until you see how customers react. Luckily, you can learn from the companies that have succeeded in the past. Here is a quick look at 5 awesome facebook marketing campaigns that you might be able to take apply to your own Facebook efforts.


Grey Poupon

Once known for its commercials, which featured an elegant Rolls Royce and a butler, Grey Popoun decided not to change its image when it launched its own Facebook campaign. Instead of encouraging people to like its page, the company let customers join an exclusive club. Only after looking at a user’s page did the company decide if the person could join. While this is definitely not an effective strategy for most businesses, it is important to make a cohesive image for your company, carrying over that image onto your Facebook page and the way that you interact with your customers.


Parking Wars

In the hopes of bring attention to its new show Parking Wars, A&E hired a company to create a new game based around that show. Players can give out tickets, keep track of their friends and other players, and win points for doing the same thing that people did on the show. Making a simple Facebook game can actually be relatively inexpensive, and it is a form of fun marketing that is also permanent, making it quite the worthwhile investment.



When Kohl’s launched its own Facebook page, it decided to make that page more interactive. The store promised to give away millions of dollars to deserving schools, and it picked those schools by votes submitted by users. The program helped raise awareness and keep the store on the minds of shoppers. The key to this strategy is to give your customers the things that you want if they interact with your Facebook page. For example, you can offer a discount on certain products that people can vote for, or possibly consider hosting a charity event of your own.



Pepsi constantly loses out on the soda race to Coca-Cola, but the company hoped to change things with a series of interactive vending machines. These machines let users connect with Facebook, log into their accounts, and like the Pepsi page. Once the machine registered that like, it gave the user a free can of soda. While www.OrangeSoda.com can’t put you in touch with interactive vending machines, it can introduce you to some fun ways to market your business on Facebook. Consider using a professional company to come up with some fun and interactive ideas for your Facebook page.



Best known for rugged and durable vehicles, Ford saw its sales decrease in recent years as shoppers looked for smaller cars with better gas mileage. Prior to releasing the new Explorer model, the company launched a Facebook page. Users could log in, learn more about the car, and see the first images of the Explorer before it landed in dealerships. You might want to do the same thing for your business and turn your Facebook area into an announcement page for new products, giving your Facebook followers the chance to get the first look at what you will be offering in the future.


These companies succeeded with a series of interactive ads that forced customers to get involved. From creating soda machines that worked with Facebook to making a page more discerning, these companies saw sales skyrocket after using the social networking site in new ways.

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