Choosing an Antivirus Program Based on Your Risk

It is absolutely imperative that you have an antivirus program on your computer, even if you don’t go online. Viruses are everywhere, and hackers are becoming increasingly proficient at writing programs that can bypass even the strongest security features. Unfortunately, finding a good program can be somewhat difficult, simple because almost every programmer will say that they offer the best one. This is why you must take the time to look into antivirus reviews 2016. However, even then, the choices can be quite overwhelming. This is why you should consider the reviews based specifically on your needs. One of those needs is determining what your actual risk is.


How High Is Your Risk?

You have to ask yourself the question as to how much risk you are actually at. This will tell you just how much protection you need as well and it will tell you how much you are able – and happy – to spend. Usually, you can calculate risk based on how much exposure your computer has to outside connections, files and applications. If you would, for instance, run a computer that never goes online and never accesses any programs that weren’t already pre-installed on it, your risk is incredibly low (albeit not non-existent!). If, however, you spend a lot of time online, using various websites and holding a number of different accounts on the internet, your risk is very high.

Casual users, who infrequently connect to the internet using dial up or temporary connections, or does how only travel to secure sources, particularly to upload or download files, have a low amount of risk. This means that their antivirus package will not need a lot of protection features. In these cases, it may be sufficient to simply scan you hard drive every once in a while to make sure that there aren’t any issues on it. A free virus program may be more than you need.

If you are anything like almost all of the world, however, which means you are hooked permanently to your internet, you will need something more. Consider your home, for instance. It is likely that you have several cell phones, a satellite television operator, a smart television, a laptop, a games console and more. All of these are at risk of being attacked and it also means that you are literally online around the clock. This also means that you must invest in a good quality antivirus protection package. You must find something that is able to update all the time, so that you are always one step ahead of the hackers. Do also make sure it includes a variety of other features, such as a firewall, encryption software and more.

Hopefully, this information will have given you some more insights into how to choose a virus protection package that is right for you. If there is only one thing that you take away from this, let it be that you simply cannot go through life without some sort of protection anymore.

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