Coming up with better business ideas: a guide

Want to join the ranks of the best businesses out there today? Put some work into how you come up with ideas and you’ll be well on your way.

Everybody wants to make a contribution to the world but you can only do that if you get out on a limb and come up something that adds a huge amount of value to people’s lives.

It all starts by crafting an idea-making process that fosters true innovation rather than making incremental changes to what already exists.

There are crowdsourcing software online tools which make it easy for minds from across the world to collaborate, and there are different strategies that you can employ to improve your results.

If you want to start coming up with better business ideas, follow the suggestions we have laid out for you in this guide below and you’ll end up getting awesome results before you know it.

1) Place crowdsourcing software at the center of your creative process

In the past, all the creatives that worked for a company would get together in a boardroom and hash out solutions together. However, these days, teams exist across multiple workplaces that can be on opposite ends of the world.

With distance come challenges to collaboration. The dawn of crowdsourcing software has largely solved this issue, though, as it is now made it possible for employees in varying disciplines to live where they work best, yet they are still able to contribute to the creation of an amazing product.

From the initial creation of a prototype to the finishing touches before a solution is delivered, the ability of this internal software to guide the creative process from start to end is nothing short of incredible.

2) Focus on value over profit

In this day and age of late capitalism, more companies are focusing on how they can wring every last cent out of consumers when they should be asking how they can solve the biggest problems facing us as a society.

When you give customers something that makes their lives easier, they tend to buy more and then they tell their friends about it.

How rich do you think the beer cosy inventor got when they brought their product to market? Very wealthy indeed, because people no longer had to worry about their hands making their drinks warm anymore.

3) Make your product exciting and fun

Boring is so last century.

While focusing on industries with inelastic demand often work, just about any enterprise can become more profitable when you find a way to make it more exciting and fun.

Become the edgy and intriguing competitor to an established brand that is stodgy and you’ll find yourself stealing away market share before long.

Virgin Atlantic did this decades ago and now they are breathing down the neck of British Airways, who thought Sir Richard Branson would never come close to touching them when they first started.

They did this by becoming the sexy option to the stuffy incumbent and they gained a rabid following in the process.

Don’t be afraid to offer a product or service that doesn’t take itself seriously – often, this approach will pay dividends for you.






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