Facebook page management 101 for small businesses

These days, harnessing the power of social media to improve the function of your small business has become a widely accepted piece of conventional wisdom that most accept as the truth.

However, creating a page for your small business on Facebook is easy. What determines long-term success on this social media platform lies in how you use and manage it.

Robert Bassam has been able to effectively use the world’s most popular social media site to promote his businesses through the faithful execution of a few key principles.

If you follow them, the chances of enhancing the success of your business through this platform will increase significantly.

Consider delegating various functions to other employees

If you are a small operation, you may want to skip this step at first, as it is important to fully understand what goes into managing a social media presence before handing it off to somebody else.
However, once you understand what you need to do in order to interact with your customers, it is best to look for the first available opportunity to hand off your social media management needs to an employee or contractor.

As the chief director behind your business, it is best to use your creative talents to chart the overall course of the business rather than get bogged down in its day-to-day minutiae.

Once you have found someone that is suited to the position, have them like the page and then assign them the level of user privileges necessary for carrying out their job duties.

Get your posting frequency down to a science

Depending on the tendencies of your target market, you will need to create a posting strategy that will enable you to reach them effectively.
The surest way to fail on Facebook is to post whenever the spirit moves you; ask yourself, how many of my target customers are up at 3 am on a Tuesday?

Unless you have a super specific niche that is online at that specific time, you will want to either be posting at specific times during daylight hours, or you will need to make use of scheduling software that will auto-post your content during these time frames.

Not only do you need to post content on the web at specific times, but you also need to be consistent. When you are, your customers will know that they can count on you to deliver information about your business, which will increase your subscriber base in turn.

Tailor posts based on what you want to accomplish

Need to mine your customer base for suggestions? Ask them questions about specific topics and watch feedback role in.
If you are trying to drive engagement, be sure to add images to your posts that are relevant to the topic you are discussing, and don’t be afraid to actively ask them for likes and reactions.

Most important of all, avoid writing a novel in your status updates, as most people on Facebook only have time to read posts that have two or three sentences at the most.




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