Features of Great Club Management Software You Need to Consider

You might have heard of club membership software before that allows coaches and managers to manage a sports team. This makes the job a lot easier. The software can be used for various transactions starting from registrations to payments. Not all membership software can provide the same features though. It is important to go through the features first before you decide to choose the software. Here are some of the best features that it must provide.

Payment management

Members of the club must pay their dues. They have different starting dates so their payment will also be valid for a certain period and it can vary from one person to another. Regardless, the software should make it easy to deal with anything related to funds. You can receive payments using different methods easily. Issuing the receipts and keeping track of all payments must also be easy. You can also find software that automatically sends out reminders for those who have not paid their dues as the deadline comes to a close, so they will avoid paying fines.


You also have to keep in touch with all the members of the team easily. It can be a bit challenging especially if the team is growing or there are more recent players who have registered. You must find a way to easily send messages to them. Providing information, announcements and schedule changes should also be easy. You don’t want to individually message team members for updates as it is time-consuming.

Remote access

It does not matter where you are, the software must be easy for you to use. This allows you to keep increasing the number of members without any problem. It also lets you manage your team and send reminders even if you are not at home. You can find software that is useful on a desktop PC but difficult to navigate on a smartphone. Avoid this type of software.

Easy to navigate

Despite the features available, the software must be easy to navigate. Both athletes and coaches must not find it difficult to explore the software and use the feature they need the most. If it is really difficult for you, managing the team could remain a daunting task. The members might rather go for traditional methods as opposed to this software if they can’t easily use it. The software is supposed to be a self-service tool that allows you to control everything that is going on with the team. It should take the burden away from you or the staff working with you. If it does not do the job, it is pretty useless.

In case you are still uncertain about the software you have found, give its free trial version a try. This allows you to have access to the software and all its features as if you are an actual member. You can decline to continue if you think it does not work well for you. If a site has no trial version, you can just read reviews for more information.


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