How to Impress Your Kids with Your New Car

Your children are the world’s most challenging critics. They can sum up a person with a simple, gentle glance. If you want to impress them, you know you gotta play “it” cool. Whatever “it” means.

Except there’s one problem.

You may have gotten a little over zealous when playing “it” cool, so you bought a brand-new car. Sure, there may have been a better way to invest your money instead of wondering why comedy traffic school is better but having great hindsight doesn’t get your money back for the new car.

Your only option is to double down. You have car fresh off the lot, some judgmental kids, and a whole lot of time to win their affection. Here’s how you can impress your kids with your new car.

 Drop them off at school in your hot rod

 You have the power to propel your kids’ popularity through the school’s roof. All you have to do is drop them off in your slick new ride. They will be the talk of the cafeteria. Everyone will know them as the kids with the awesome parent, and they’ll thank you for keeping them from swirlies.

Windows down music up

 When your kids are in the car, turn up the tunes and wind down the windows. Creating the perfect atmosphere will show them you’re a cool, hip parent who loves to “chiilll.” That’s what kids say, right? Do kids still listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival?

 Be a defensive driver

 Nothing is cooler than driving defensively. Literally! You must remain cool and calm when behind the wheel to make good decisions. Doing so will help you remain collected when trying to think of rad ways of connecting with your kids. If only traffic school online had a course in winning your children’s approval.

 Let their posse ride with you

 If their posse can ride with you, then you can ride with their posse. Despite you chauffeuring them and their friends around town in your new car. Showing off your pristine vehicle to your children’s friends will impress them. If their friends like you, that’s all the more reason to be impressed by your parent.

 Show them your great fuel mileage

 Nothing will impress your children more than listening to you talk about your car’s great fuel mileage. Your new car’s fantastic fuel economy was a major selling point for you, therefore your kids will surely see the value. If you have a hybrid, make sure to tell them about your tax deductions!

 Blind them with your new wax job

 Before showing off your new car to your children, give it a wax job. Kids love shiny things. That’s why revealing your glistening new ride, in a fresh coat of wax, will blind them with joy and respect for you.

 Show them your new customized horn

 Good thing you installed that customizable horn. Only the coolest and raddest car owners install a custom sounded horn in their vehicles. With a simple press of your steering wheel, you can impress your kids and the nearest drivers.

 Make a great memory

 If all else fails, take your children on a road trip. You can have a sincere bonding experience with your kids by exploring the country from the comfort of your car. Whether it’s visiting the beautiful nature of northern California or discovering the best of arts and culture in San Francisco, you can create a memory they’ll always cherish with the help of your new car

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