How to Pick the Right Case for Your Phone

Most people today understand the importance of having a case to protect your phone during the day. What many of those people do not realize is just how much of a difference there is between cases. You must choose carefully. Here are some tips for finding the right case for your phone.


The first tip to consider is that you need to find a case that is compatible with your phone. Many different phone designs are around to today. Small differences in the placement of the camera or the position of the ports could cause certain cases to not fit. You want to find a case that matches the make and model of your phone. This is the only way you can be sure the case will fit properly.

Case Style

The next tip is to look at the case style. Phone cases come in a variety of styles. The most common are fitted cases since they take up little space and allow you to use the phone normally. You could get a flip case if you want to have a panel over the screen that you need to open to use the phone. A final option is a wallet case. This is simply a large wallet with multiple compartments that has a place for the phone inside. Most people choose fitted cases.

Shock Absorption Features

Dropping your phone can be a real problem. Look for phone cases that have shock absorption features. You can find an iPhone 6 case that will distribute and absorb the energy generated when the phone is dropped. That will stop your phone from being damaged in most cases. Not all cases have this feature. Some phone cases will just break or shatter when dropped.

Design and Personality

Take a moment to look at the design and personality of the various phone cases available today. You want a case that is going to match your style. This might mean a brightly colored case or one with graphics printed on the outside. Choose something darker and less conspicuous if you need to use your phone at work or in professional settings.


Check the overall durability of any phone case before making a purchase. Look at the materials used to make the case. You generally want something more than just thin plastic protecting your phone. Some cases today are made from materials like Kevlar. You want a case that is going to withstand abuse for some years to come.


The final tip is to check the profile of the case. Certain cases are incredibly large and bulky. This can make using the phone difficult. You should be looking for a phone case that has a sleek and thin profile. This will allow you to continue using the phone normally without having to work around the case.

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