Joe Cianciotto – Which Are The Most Successful Marketing Methods For a Small Budget

If you are looking to give your business some more promotion and exposure then you will know that the way in which to do so, other than providing a high quality service, is to invest in marketing. Many small businesses however do not have the hundreds of thousands of dollars which they can throw at marketing in order to gain serious traction. With that being said, there are still many, low budget ways in which you can gain the attention which you need and market at a lower level. We spoke to advertising guru Joe Cianciotto to find out more.

Social Media

The power of social media is immeasurable and as a marketing tool it can work incredibly well for your company. Whilst you could spend a huge sum of money on a long running social media campaign, you can also have a profound effect on social media without parting with such large funds. The key to advertising on social media is about getting creative and ensuring that every dollar spent is worthwhile. Targeted marketing is the best strategy here and you can easily tailor a low budget campaign, to get straight on to the walls and news feeds of your highlighted demographic. The key to a successful campaign is to be creative and provide high quality.

Relationship Marketing

Whilst marketing is of course about looking to drive sales to you business, it is also about adding exposure to your company in an effort to grow the overall brand. It is for this reason that relationship marketing works so well. The idea behind this form of marketing is connecting to customers on a human level through the likes of social media, form a bond with your customers without looking to sell anything at all, instead providing them with funny, informative or important content. Once you have your customers on the hook and have gained some loyalty or popularity, you hit them with a great product or service.

Email Marketing

An email campaign telling customers about your products and services is a great way to add popularity to you company and increase your sales, for a very low cost. In the past this was a much stronger way of advertising than it is today but that is not to say that it still can not be highly successful. The beauty of email marketing is that you can send thousands of emails for a relatively low cost and take your company straight to the inbox of many. The current click through rate of emails stands at around 2%, this figure may seem pretty low but if you are able to send 20,000 emails and get this kind of engagement then you could be looking at some sales growth. The benefits of email marketing is that it is easy to do, so much so that you won’t need a marketing agency to do it, it is cheap to implement and you can see some strong results from this type of marketing.

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