Lloyd Claycomb II – How to Give Your Business An Internet Profile

Successful business owners like Lloyd Claycomb II got to the position which they are in through using the foresight to take advantage of all available methods before them to grow their business. One such way that you need to start utilizing if you are not already is the power of the internet, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of many companies and if you have not yet taken your business then you are leaving a massive opportunity on the table. Regardless of whether you business operates online or not, you need a presence and here is how to get one.

Social Media

How can you turn down the opportunity to connect with the single biggest community in the world with a simple click of a button? That is what social media gives you and your business and should be at the heart of your focus when you are looking to build and grow an online profile. The beauty of social media is in the number of people use it on a daily basis, providing you with the chance to connect with millions of people to let them know all about your business. Focus on Facebook to start with when you are looking to build your presence and make an effort to be active, share great content and engage with people. This is a great opportunity to add a man touch to your business, something which has been proven to build stronger loyalty in customers.


You should have a clean and fresh looking website which is highly informative about your business, the website does not need to have bells and whistles on it so there is no need to spend too much money. Bear in mind that this website is the shop window of your business on the online high street and you need to make sure that visitors like what they see. You can use your site to present the team as well as to showcase products and services which you offer, most importantly you should add contact details so that everyone knows where they can find you.


If you are able to invest a little bit of money into marketing then SEO is the single best way to help you to grow your online presence. This is a method which marketing agencies use to to help your company website rise to the top of their search results when prospective customers type in a certain set of keywords. The reason for this is that it is very rare that people look past pages 2 or 3 when they use search engines and you company could get lost in the sea of search results. Utilizing search engine optimization can ensure that more people see your company when they are searching for something that falls within your niche, a great way to get new clients and to grow your online presence.

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