New Tech in Car Mats

There are so many amazing new technological innovations and top items for a car available nowadays, should you really care about innovative technology in car mats? Mercedes now has a technology that literally senses when a driver falls asleep, could updated floor mats be as impressive? You know, those things at the bottom of your feet that basically don’t do anything but hang out and wait for you to wipe dirt on them?

It’s true that car mats serve a practical function when it comes to keeping your car clean. They can be easily removed, hosed down, or even replaced without your having to get the carpets professionally cleaned. But can they do anything more than that? The time has come for you to find out!

Advanced Features

Mats today definitely have a few cool features to brag about. Some floor mats are more advanced than others when it comes to fending off the weather outside. The channels are deep enough on these upgrades to trap all that sand you took home from the beach, all that road salt you picked up on your winter boots, and even all the mud that managed to cling to your galoshes during that huge spring storm! You can also find other new mat models made with recycled materials so you can feel slightly better about driving that giant SUV in the driveway.
Environmentally-friendly mats are twice as amazing because you can also recycle them after you’re done with them. This may not keep you from having to dismiss a ticket by taking a defensive driving course, but you’ll be able to keep the good karma going even after the car mat’s life runs out.

New mats with non-stick finishes make it easier for you to get all that rough gruff out of the the next time you’re cleaning out your car, which is always handy when you’ve got a list full of chores on a Saturday afternoon. Finally, there are anti-skid features on the bottom of the mat, which essentially guarantees that your mats won’t shift out of place every time you get in the car.

What to Look For

The search for the great car mat is usually done by those who really care about their cars. There are a variety of lengths, widths, thicknesses, materials, and colors to choose from. Companies can use lasers to ensure that you get the perfect custom fit for your vehicle, and mat designers scrutinize every detail from the size of the lip to the channel depth. They’re looking for ways to keep spills trapped for as long as you have the mats on the floor, but not so trapped that you feel like you should dig for hours to get out the last little crumbs of dried-up mud in the channel corners. Ultimately, you should be looking for a floor mat that looks good, and that functions well. And check reviews for several types of products. Car enthusiasts will scrutinize the design even more than the designers will.

Summing It Up

So, is all this worth caring about? Chances are if you’re not a car enthusiast, the answer may still be no. But there are reasons to care about your floor mats. For one, a cleaner car will certainly smell better and sell better. Mats can make you feel like you’re prepared for those snowy and rainy seasons that seem to linger for months too. While you won’t get a robotic mat that will tell you where to go or try to engage you in conversations about your ex, you can find mats that use technology to make for a slightly smarter drive.


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