Reasons to Use an Online Catalog Software to Create Your Digital Brochure

Ceros online catalog software is a marvelous and poignant resource for creating amazing rich media catalogs and brochures that are engaging, interactive and innovative. These digital brochures and catalogs have a wider reach, generate more revenue for your business and spreads more awareness about your brand. Here are some reasons to get on board with a resource like Ceros online catalog software.

  1. 1.      Your reach is wider and circulation is massive

With Ceros online catalog software you reach a wider, more targeted audience, as compared to a physical brochure or catalog. You can cater to your reader’s mobile reading preference by syndicating the content in your catalog to Android devices, iPhone, iPad, eReaders, and tablets and viewing brand experiences the way you intended them to be. These digital catalogs are a great way to allow your content to be shared social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs. When you create a digital property with Ceros online catalog software, you will be putting your content where your customers are most present.

  1. 2.      It takes user experience to the next level

Digital catalogs and brochures offer interactive features such as video, audio, animation and slideshows to keep your readers’ entertained and engaged for longer. You can really make your content come alive in this interactive format. These new-media properties take user engagement and experience to the next level through a variety of tools. Powerful layering, cutting-edge typography, collaborative designs, and rich, original content all await you with the Ceros online catalog software.

  1. 3.      You can even track behavior and measure engagement

Ceros online catalog software creates digital catalogues that can be tracked and measured to gauge user behavior, level of engagement and several other factors. You can get real-time data on the performance of your catalog. Your results will be displayed in an interactive, visual manner through graphs and charts. Ceros online catalog software has powerful analysis tools that offer meaningful data insights.

  1. 4.      Advertisers can enjoy many great benefits

Digital catalogs and brochures have tons of sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Due to the fact that these rich media properties have tons of potential in terms of social media sharing, reader engagement, and detailed data tracking, it makes it a viable option for advertisers everywhere.

There are efficient metrics in place for advertisers to gauge exactly which ad their readers are viewing, clicking on and which pages interest them the most. Through external links, buttons and hotlinks in sponsorship locations, you can direct your readers to whichever landing pages you see fit. You can connect advertisers with potential leads through animated lead forms that are placed directly on the ad.

So come power your business with the Ceros online catalog software today!


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