Save and Learn with Mature Driver Courses

As people get old, there is always a need for them to refresh their driving skills as well as their driving knowledge. Mature driver course is specifically meant to assist the older drivers to adapt to the changes in the driving environment and also go over the best times to travel.

What is included in the mature driver courses?

Over the years, there are some traffic laws that have changed. Moreover, new technologies have found their way into the market and influence driving. These technologies include navigation systems and the cashless toll station. The mature driving cause is meant to teach the mature drivers some new techniques applied in driving as well as polish them with the changes in the traffic rules.

Some areas that the course covers include:

  • Ways to minimize the blind spots
  • How to change lanes and make turns safely
  • How to maintain a safe following distance
  • The operations of anti-lock brakes, air bags, and the safety belts
  • The effects of certain medication on your mind during driving
  • How to deal with distracted driving.
  • In addition, seniors learn about defensive driving to help them minimize risk of injury when they find themselves in danger

Traffic laws that touch on:

  1. School buses
  2. Child safety seats
  3. Driving in construction zones
  4. Texting and taking calls while driving
  5. The point systems and ways penalties are applied

Also included in the course are tips on how to make right-of-way decisions, U-turns and turns at intersections.

How much can you save by taking a mature driver’s course

California and Florida laws allow motor vehicle insurance companies to evaluate the senior driver and determine the reduction in monthly premiums after taking the senior’s driving course. However, you must have good driving records to be considered for the for a premium reduction. You can check out with your motor vehicle insurance provider to find if you are eligible for discounted premiums before taking up the course.

In addition, you lower your chances of getting involved in an accident, gain from increased mental awareness and physical alertness when driving, and lower your chance of getting a traffic ticket for breaking one or many rules that may have been changed in the recent past.

How do you take up the course?

To be eligible for the Mature Drivers course in California, you must have a valid California driving license. The course is meant for drivers who are 55 years of age and above. Moreover, you must have completed a 400-minute training an online traffic school. The school offering the course must be registered by the department of motor vehicles and the course approved by the same department.

Similar requirements are enforced by the Florida motor vehicle department. The discount will only be offered after completing the course and showing a certificate as a proof of completion. The insurer applies the discount for three years. The discount is usually not less than 3 percent in both states.

What is the course like?

You learn the driving concepts with a combination of text, videos, animations, and pictures. There are lots of interactive material to help internalize the concepts that are being taught. At the completion of the course, you are awarded a certificate that will be sent to your email address. Some online traffic schools also offer mature driver refresher courses if you would like to revisit some concepts you learned during the mature driving classes.

The benefits of a mature driving course go beyond the insurance discount and enhance your confidence on the road. If you are 55 years and older consider taking up the course to improve your driving skills.

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