The Benefits of True Website Security for Different Senior Officers

Finding a good website security system is hugely important. How you find one, however, can be a bit more complex. When you read SiteLock reviews, you can quickly see that people are incredibly happy with what they have received. However, you never know who wrote a review, and different people have different needs. A small business owner, for instance, has very different needs than the admin assistant in the IT department of a huge Fortune 500 company. Hence, besides reading SiteLock reviews, you should also look into what they actually offer, and think about how that can benefit the different people in your organization.

How Different Senior Offices Can Benefit from SiteLock

The most important thing is that you find a solution that works for every department in your organization. This means the executive team, the marketing team, and the technology team. The great thing about SiteLock is that it actually offers fantastic benefits for each of these teams:

  1. The executive team will be able to use the program to protect the website, which leads to increased customer retention, as well as customer growth. This is because every visitor’s experience will be safe and secure. Once they establish that, they will be able to significantly grow their market share as well.
  2. The marketing team can see that, when the website is fully protected, the reputation of their brand improves. Additionally, it will give them actionable data and they can use that to calculate the return on investment. Finally, they will be able to turn visitors and leads into paying, returning customers.
  3. The technology team will be responsible for the implementation of SiteLock as a whole. Thanks to the fact that it is fully cloud based, it is very secure and very easy to use. Additionally, SiteLock complies fully with all the relevant security standards. Additionally, when installed, it mitigates security risks.

Different Security Plans

It should now be clear why SiteLock works for different companies. However, not every company is created equally. SiteLock is very much aware of this, which is why they have created different plans for different people. The options are:

  1. The SecureStarter, which offers essential website protection. It also comes with automatic malware removal, daily vulnerability scans, basic DDoS protection, web application firewall, and advanced website acceleration.
  2. The SecureSpeed, which offers complete website protection. Besides everything SecureStarter offers, it also includes XSS injection prevention, SQL injection prevention, remote file includes prevention, illegal resource access prevention, and OWASP Top 10 threat protection.
  3. SecureSite, which offers premium website protection. It includes everything that you get with SecureSpeed, as well as manual malware removal, vulnerability repair, and INFINITY scanning.
  4. SecureVIP, which offers enterprise level protection. It comes with everything included in SecureSite, as well as block access to backdoor files that hackers use, fine grained settings for the different WAF exceptions, and blacklisting of IPs, countries, and clients.

Each package comes with firewall, web application, automatic malware removal, daily malware scans, basic DDoS, the SiteLock Trust Seal, 24/7 expert support, and a multilingual dashboard. It also requires no installation.

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