Web Hosting vs Website Builders: Which Is Right For Me?

Your online presence is incomplete without a fully functional and informative website. Today, businesses – irrespective of their size- are increasingly investing in websites in spite of having significant social media presence. A website adds a lot of credibility to your online presence. It acts as an integrated source of information about your brand.

Now, there are several ways to create websites. You can use the online website builder (popularly known as website builders) or get professional web hosting service providers on board. Website builders enable you to build your site without any programming expertise. Web Hosting, on the other hand, requires considerable technical knowhow including CSS and HTML. So, what should you choose? Web Hosting? Or, website builders? Find out about them in detail, in order to make an informed decision.

What are Website Builders?

An online web builder is often described as a special Content Management System. A Website Builder is perhaps the easiest way with the help of which you can create a website. You need not know the ways in which you can install a CMS, create a database or apply a template in order to get the website created. Updating or customizing your site is fairly easy as well. You can update text, add new posts and multimedia content such as video and audio without hassles.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting service providers primarily function by storing your files in high-end web servers, linked to a speedy network. The entire process (i.e. Web Hosting) entails management of the server and their security, support, speed, bandwidth and other such aspects. When a prospect types your name on web, the internet connects to the web server, which has stored your files and then transfers relevant site information back to the computer so that your audience can surf different pages of your website.

Which one should you select: Website Builders Or Web Hosting?

Let us tell you that website builders are strictly tailored to meet the needs of small web projects. It is more suitable for small businesses, freelance photographers and start-ups with or without a web store. However, if you need a huge website with around a thousand or more pages in it, then Website Builders are not recommended for you. You have to avail web hosting services, in that case.

One of the most notable advantages of getting web hosting service providers on board is that they can back up your data to an external location so that it can be restored if your website gets hacked. A reliable web host provider will always ensure that you have access to proficient technical support 24/7 to guide you regarding security issues and maintenance of your website. Selecting a credentialed web hosting company might get a little difficult, considering there are probably thousands of them in the market. Visit HostingReviewBox.com for comprehensive reviews of web hosting companies. Check out how the leading companies like Host Gator, iPage , Blue Host and others have fared. What do users have to say about their performance? How are they rated by users? Find out everything you need to know about hosting companies from this site.

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