When is the right time for a career change?

Everyone wants to be happy in their working life, but it’s often a journey full of peaks and troughs rather than one smooth, upward trajectory. There will come a time when you are stuck in a rut and need to break out of the routine of a mundane job to kick-start your career. Taking a leap of faith in these pivotal moments is difficult but is usually incredibly rewarding.

When is the right time?


If your job is having a detrimental impact on your physical health, then it may be best to look for a new career. Extremely long working days can leave you feeling exhausted and make it difficult to concentrate on critical tasks. Attaining a better work-life balance is one of the biggest factors for workers looking for a career change.

Lost passion

Boredom or lacking the energy for your current role because it is not stimulating or interesting can make work life a real chore. No one can expect to be fascinated all day, every day, but you should be excited about your career goals and the future. A change may be necessary if this is not the case.

Dream career

Have you always dreamed of something bigger and better? If you are constantly browsing job sites, reading about careers, and are eager to make the jump to a more lucrative and fulfilling industry or sector, then it may be best to make the final push.

Only there for the money

Money is important, but it’s not everything when it comes to working life. It may be preferable to trade a small drop in salary for a job that will make you happier. Have you got children at home and want more time with them, or would you prefer to work for yourself? It is entirely feasible to attain personal and professional satisfaction from a less demanding but more interesting venture.

How to change career?

Make a career choice

It sounds like stating the obvious, but you will first have to make a definitive decision about the direction that you want to take your career. As stated earlier, it could be a dream career, a role that gives you more free time, or just something totally leftfield that is interesting to you.

Freelance or contract roles

Becoming a freelancer or contractor will enable you to control your own destiny. You will be able to select the roles that you want to take and even determine pay rates and other perks. Working from home is another benefit of freelance tech roles. If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, getting in touch with an umbrella company is recommended as they can help you with financial obligations and contractor pay, and provide other essential information and services.

Upgrade your skills

Having experience in your chosen field will obviously stand you in good stead, but it’s not a prerequisite for a new career. Regardless of your current skills, you will need to build them and tailor them towards your new career. For example, completing a course in coding would be ideal for those looking to become a web developer. Apprenticeships, college courses and online tuition are just a few of the ways to upgrade your skill set.

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