Where Can You Spend Your Bitcoins ?

There has been a great deal of talk recently about the digital currency which looks set to change the way in which we pay for things. Whilst Bitcoin may not necessarily be new, it is certainly something that is gathering pace and has seen far more people invest in the digital currency that is taking the world by storm. The question which many people have however is that once they have filled their Bitcoin wallet, what exactly can they spend their Bitcoins on. Not everyone wants to spend them however and many people are actually investing with an idea to trade them, if you do fall into the former category however, here are just some of the ways in which you can buy things using the Bitcoins which you have.

Common Goods

There is no doubt that in the coming months and years there will be far more options for you in terms of what you can actually spend your Bitcoins on. At the moment however there are still some websites which sell household items that you can buy using your Bitcoins. One such website which is growing rapidly is overstock.com, a website selling over a million items that accepts Bitcoin as payment.

Charity and Tips

Believe it or not you can actually use your Bitcoins to make charitable donations and even give tips. In terms of charitable donations, almost all of the world’s biggest charities now accept Bitcoin if you are looking to donate some of your money. If you are looking to tip someone then you can use your Bitcoin wallet to do exactly that and transfer from your wallet to someone who has given you great service.


With companies like Microsoft and Green Man Gaming now accepting Bitcoins, you can use the digital currency to buy and download the latest video games.


There are also a large number of bars and restaurants that now accept Bitcoin payments throughout the world and you can use your Bitcoins to pick up the bill. The beauty of using Bitcoins in this manner, and one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular is that you can do so directly from your smartphone, saving the need for a wallet.


Companies like Expedia and CheapAir have already added Bitcoin to the types of payments which they receive and you could quite easily pay for your next vacation using the digital currency. This is only the beginning of how travel and paying for travel will change once the Bitcoin gains even more popularity and is seems that there are many projects in the works that will accept Bitcoin for things that we currently use cash for, you could even pay for a trip to space with Virgin Galactic using your Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin revolution is here, makes sure that you get investing and become a part of this growing movement and the shift to digital currency.

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