Where to invest your money in the 2nd half of 2017

In an eye blink, it seems like we have blazed through the first half of 2017.

It hasn’t boring so far, though, as Donald Trump has implemented policies that few would have foreseen back in January, foreign relations have become downright icy, and climate change drama have kept the 24-hour news cycle spinning.

All of this has confused investors, as the old rules no longer seem to apply. They are being re-written as we speak, and many are scrambling to stay on top of every development.

However, those who can fully grasp the changes taking place will stand ready to profit from its knock-on effects.

Institutional investors like Larry Polhill are always ready to readjust their approach based on seismic shifts in public opinion – with plenty of experience in the finance industry, he has been able to ride the coat tails of past movements to attain unbelievable results in the past.

Go to where money is being created instead of clinging to the industries of yesteryear – in this article, we’ll cover sectors that will loom large in the near future.

1) Defense

One of the biggest surprises of 2017 involved the reversal in position Trump had regarding military interventionism.

Instead of withdrawing forces from places like Iraq and Afghanistan, he instead pledged to remain in those places, all while saber-rattling at states like North Korea and Syria.

The end result of Trump’s provocative talk remains to be seen, but whatever the outcome, the military will likely be in a buying mood when it comes to hardware and munitions for the foreseeable future.

As a result, our outlook for defense contractors is a decidedly bullish one.

2) Green energy

Another controversy currently surrounding the Trump-led White House revolves around its decision to quit the Paris Accord.

As such, it may be counter-intuitive to say that green energy will continue to be on the upswing, but be patient – we’ll explain ourselves.

On the surface, Trump’s rebuff of this agreement appears to be a death blow to the effort to climate change efforts.

However, comments from foreign heads of state has shown that belief in the core principles of the Paris Accord remains solid.

Virtually all other signatories to the treaty remain fully committed, with some offering to make up for the deficit that America has now created.

However, the mayors of major cities and state governors in the USA also spoke strongly in favor of The Accord, a statement which solidifies one thing in our mind – the green energy movement isn’t going anywhere.

As a result, we continue to endorse buying stocks in well-capitalized and growth-oriented firms involved in solar & wind power, battery technology, geothermal systems, and so forth.

3) Automation

Recently, the automation industry has advanced to the point where we feel that a mass takeover of repetitive jobs is now imminent.

Taxi and truck drivers appear to be the first occupations in the line of fire, as companies like Uber and Tesla are only a few breakthroughs away from putting vehicles on the road that would make most human drivers obsolete.

While some understandably decry this trend, companies in control of automation technology will nevertheless make vast sums of money from their investment, as the autonomous cars and trucks they will buy for their fleets will never need to take breaks or go on vacation.

Buy automation companies while what little doubt remains hangs around, as it is highly likely that few people will drive out of necessity by the 2030s.


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