Which Professions Earn The Most Money?

When you ask someone what it is that they are after form their career or what they consider to be a successful career, the answers you receive will no doubt vary a great deal. One thing that will undoubtedly be common between all answers is the desire to make as much money as possible. Money represents success because it helps us to buy our homes, our cars, our vacations, college education for our kids along with much, much more. There are many career out there which offer its professionals a high salary and today we are going to take a look at those who are making the most.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals like Jonathan Lauter MD are among the highest earning individuals in the United States. Their salary is a reward not only for the incredible amount of hard work that goes into achieving the position which they have but also for the fact that their job is so vitally important to the world. Having the ability to cure people, help people to live their lives in a better way and generally affect the lives of so many is a highly noble and respected position which takes many years and a great deal of hard work to attain, for that reason they are paid so well.


Lawyers hold a bitterly important and very highly paid position which sees them represent the law on a daily basis to ensure that it is upheld. These men and women must work incredibly hard for many years before they are given a license to practice law and once they begin their work they are charged with representing people from all walks of life ignored to prove their guilt or their innocence. Lawyers must retain a vast amount of information and be held to an extremely high standard, it is their ability, intelligence, hard working nature and vitally important role in society that sees them as one of the top earning careers in the country.

Chief Executive Officers

CEOs regularly make up the list of the richest people on Earth and it is because of the success of the companies which they work for that they are able to command such high salaries. Being the head of a multi-million dollar company is not a position which just anyone can attain and successful CEOs need to be highly skilled in business on order to hold such a powerful position. The decisions which a CEO makes can have huge impacts on hundreds of thousands of people and they are charged with the task of ensuring that a business is highly successful. The pressure of a job like this is immense and it is for these reasons that the salary of a CEO is often the highest of salaries across the whole country.

These are the highest earning positions in the United States and if it is money that you are after then these are the jobs which you should be aiming for.

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